Wednesday, March 24, 2010

COLOR Dinner Party for KIDS

What is exciting about a plain, round, cake with dips and peaks of white frosting?

This unassuming cake looks dull for a little 6 year old's birthday...BUT...a surprise burst of color is revealed when it is cut into!

Start with some bold food coloring

Make it bright...

Ready to bake.

The COLOR cake for Titus!

The central theme for Titus' SWEET SIXTH birthday was all about COLOR! We kicked off the theme earlier with these super colorful swirls of LOLLIPOP COOKIES. To finish Titus' birthday celebrations we had an intimate family dinner party, once again, swelling with color.

-I made chalkboard placemats by buying a big sheet of wood from Lowe's and cutting them into placemat size.

-I then painted each placemat with chalkboard paint.

Each kids' table had empty silver food cans
full of colorful chalk.

This is the IDEAL kids' placemat,
promising instant entertainment
at the dinner table.

This is smart little Tavius,
our sweet cousin,

who completed our team of boys!

And since this dinner party was for kids,
another fun table setting element was their napkin rings:
I used mini slinky toys for napkin rings!

Even the goody bowls were
saturated with COLOR.

Chalkboard placemats were used
as a BIRTHDAY banner

A handful of colorful M&Ms hold up the dining flatware
(and serve as the PERFECT substitution for an after dinner mint)

We served an Italian dinner with CARRY OUT PIZZA as the main course.
My {lifesaver} cousin, Jessica,
made us this delicious garlic bread
with bubbles of mozzarella cheese!

And every time I serve Italian, I love to include this salad
with homemade creamy Parmesan dressing.
It's a favorite of mine.

I would like to share something from my heart before I call it a wrap!

Usually parties and dinners come together fairly easy for me (just like math problems or sewing may come together for YOU...but not for me!). However this night, I was a victim of my OWN poor time management and planning for this little event. This caused a nervous rush as I was working to the minute to have it all complete before the evening began. Thank goodness for my cousin Jessica and her quick help! That girl can get things's crazy!

Because I was in a mad rush, I snapped at my boys and didn't send out cheerful love. After the evening was over and I was cozy in bed, my mind thought of what a big blessing a HAPPY Momma is to her children...and how, in my attempt to give my LITTLE TITUS the best "Happy Birthday" memory ever, I snapped at him with a frown instead. My heart was sad and I wanted to gather my boys in my arms and send out that cheerful warm love instead! How much MORE important a gift of happy love would have been to them than this little dinner. Thank goodness I will get many chances to redeem myself BUT this was a small lesson for me to always keep it in perspective and to ZERO in on my priorities:

The TONE of a household is much more valuable than the PRESENTATION of a household.

And now, loveies, it's a wrap!
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Jane said...

Hey Lisa!
First...AMEN! The Happy Mom, with kind and gentle words, is the best gift a child can receive. But, remember, you are human. The boys may remember some of the "psycho mom" (what my kids called me) moments, but they are forgiving...especially as they grow up and understand stress.

Second - Your party idea is wonderful! I love the cake!!! I think I will use this idea for an Easter cake. And the chalkboard placemat idea is just perfect for a child's party.

I love your creative mind!!!

Tardevil said...

What a cool cake! Love that chalkboard placemat idea too! They should have those in restaurants instead of those paper sheets. I had to skip over the food section of the post...the pictures were making me hungry! :)

House Of Aqua said...

Did you purchase those chalkboard placemats? They is way awesome!

Kelly Miller said...

Okay. I need you to adopt my family and be in charge of all gatherings and celebrations. Okay?

kTb said...

What a neat idea for a 'surprise' inside the cake!!
I'm going to "suggest" this idea to my family for a certain someone who has a birthday VERY soon! ;)
By the way, I LOVE your "signature" idea and "borrowed" it ... of course it's not spelled the same way! ;)

Darla said...

Cute party and the Lord has used your lesson and you the vessel for sharing it..I so needed to read this! Thank you.

Becca said...

I LOVE it! This is something I actually feel like I could attempt. Could you please post your salad recipe?? It looks SO good!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, bless your heart. Boy, do I understand what you're saying here.

I have been without computer access for over a week, and when I logged on to read the blog comments, I saw yours and raced to go vote. Apparently, I was too late, but congrats on your win! I'm SO proud of you!!! :-) I remember and loved that party idea.

I kind of snipped at Mr. Magpie (who has been an angel of late), and I was so sorry when I saw his expression so I know what you mean. Thanks for your gentle reminder, and that cake looks like loads of fun!

I'm not supposed to be blogging today as I have home repairs and other things to supervise, but I had to drop by and tell you I tried to vote. You are always my pick!


Sheila :-)

Tricia said...

Your post is just FULL of clever ideas! I know your guests loved all the special touches for the party. LOVE the chalkboard placemat idea!

Rebecca said...

First of all, your party is amazing!!! And my heart broke reading what you wrote about snapping at Titus. I think we are all guilty of doing that now and then. However lets be thankful for the fact that we notice it and can ask our children for forgiveness and get it right next time :)

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

I love that cake! What an fun party with tons of color.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That salad looks amazing. Another fabulous party!

Amy said...

Now THAT is one cool cake! And such fun ideas for this party! I am definitely going to have to file these ideas away for future use. Found my way here through Just for the Joy. I linked to my recipe about rainbow cupcakes. :) Hooray for fun cakes!

Sharon said...

Wow Lisa! You ROCKED it! I can see how the cake was a huge hit!! My son is turning 2 on Monday, but I was just going to make a boring chocolate cake... but now I'm thinking I'm might need to stretch myself!

Thanks for sharing you JOY with us.. and happy birthday to your Six Year Old Sweetie!

Gina said...

What a fun party-and a great reminder. They heart of things is what is most important!

Jen @ said...

Cutest party Lisa! I posted about it in my Friday Favorites today.


Manders said...

Wow that a GREAT idea!! I want to try it!

laterg8r said...

you are the party throwing queen :D

it's sometimes hard to enjoy a party that you throw yourself!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Wow! What a surprise inside your cake! I'm so borrowing (stealing) that chalkboard placemat idea when the grands get older! Brilliant!

Dorey said...

Aww, LOVE it! Everything is so bright and festive! You are such a fun mom Lisa. =)

Brandi said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cake!! Its sooo pretty!

The placemats turned out really cute too!

And, I want that garlic bread!

Everything is amazing!

Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

AWWWW!!! The party turned out may have been in your words "least organized or planned" but it did entertain, look amazing and please your guests! I can speak in the moment and of truth!!!! You are too hard on yourself...if that's what you do at the spur of a moment you better give yourself some credit. And your boys adore you and a small moment of frustration only will make them adore you more and be there for you in need...more snuggling up and words of encouragement :)

TidyMom said...

Wow looks like an amazing party!! and don't beat yourself up....we all have our moments of frustration....those boys know how much you love them!!♥

Its So Very Cheri said...

So many great ideas--love them all.


testing 1 said...

I'm just squealing over your chalkboard placemats! I should have done that instead of buying chalkcloth hoping to make a tablecloth. So more practical for kids!

Admin said...

What a great cake! Oh, I've gotta try it!

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

The TONE of a household is much more valuable than the PRESENTATION of a household.

Very wise words! Thank you for sharing.

erwicker said...

What a cool cake! Love that chalkboard placemat idea too! They should have those in restaurants instead of those paper sheets. I had to skip over the food section of the post...the pictures were making me hungry! :)

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