Friday, January 8, 2010

The Cozy Textures of Winter

Winter brings such a variety of heavy and soft textures. Unlike summer when our toes play in the sunlight with our flip flops on, winter twirls us in cozy fabrics up to our necks!

I thrive on being cozy.

It rates up there with food and water.

I have some treasures to share today that are all about THE COZY!

Most of your are aware of my Ugg obsession so I won't be too {extra} repetitive! You can read THIS POST if you need a refresher! So obviously I recommend placing a pair of Uggs by your doorstep before you step outside! The real deal, please no knock offs this time.

And remember this pillow I had on my Ugg wishlist? A dreamy thing happened, because it is now nestled softly in the corner of my couch instead of my list! I highly recommend snagging one.

My Ugg Pillow
It's better than a warm fire.

Just a little bit more about the Uggs...but I promise, you'll be forever comfy if you try even just one of the three Ugg goodies...The Ugg purse. It's old, been toting it around for a few years, so it's seen better days, but it is so fun and lined with sheepskin! My money is so cozy it doesn't want to leave my purse, and that's a good thing, right?

I have a pink one too, but this one is my favorite.

Totally opposite of my OLD one above, this one is BRAND New compliments of Christmas 2009 baby!

I am in total lust love with it!

Next is this delicious brown blanket. I bought it for my sweet baby (my husband) as a gift a couple of years ago. You see, I was admiring it in a Restoration Hardware store one day and found the IDEAL way to justify getting it for moi (that's me in French...I'm learning this stuff!).

I say to myself...
"Self, Buy it for Chris."

So sweet of me to think of him.
That was a smart decision to buy it for him.
I don't regret it...

I make everyone touch it that visits our house.
Yes, I really do. I'm a nerd like that.

My Chris' blanket from Restoration Hardware is TRULY the softest and smoothest blanket I've EVER felt!

(And you can find out more about my adorable quilt in this photo by clicking here! of the first blog posts I ever did)

And the last comfy cozy recommendation I have
are these down feather slippers from Restoration Hardware! We all know about down pillows BUT can you believe they stuff these SLIPPERS with down feathers to snuggle around our ankles?! I've had these for a few winters and they are one of my favorite things about turning the calender to the colder months.

My Restoration Hardware Down-filled Slippers
waiting for me by our front door!

Slippers. Check.
Blanket. Check.
Now all I need is the little bear!

(photo property of Restoration Hardware online)

Share your cozy secrets with me.
What Cant Live Without products carry you through the winter?

Oh, and please use extra lotion this winter.
Our poor skin is begging for it!

P.S. My Spy Party was featured on Design Dazzle today and I am honored and extremely excited about it! (This is a BIG deal to me!) Head on over to read about it. This website is incredible!

And my spy party was also featured right before Christmas on Creative Party Place. It puts me on Cloud 9 when this happens!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your spy party featured.. soooo exciting!!!

i love how you words things, you're cute!

those slippers are soooo comfy, i got some for my grandma a few years ago.. found them on ebay brand new!

dont like the ugg purses-sorry charlie! ;)


caveman said...

Who's blanket? Wait a second...

Ugg's are so you! And I think you need that bear!

The Tablescaper said...


- The Tablescaper

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

WOW...I feel WARM already...thanks for sharing! Take care and have a great weekend!


Crystal said...

What a fun post! After reading it I bought myself some of those slippers. ummm hope my husband doesn't mind.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, congrats on your honors! Very deserving, I might add.

I am FREEZING. My Florida clothes aren't cutting it in this weather. Brrrrrrr.... I wish I had some warm things!


Sheila :-)

Jane said...

Love all the UGGs! I always wanted a pair of the boots...but here, I would get to wear them maybe 3 times a year (Except for THIS year! The high tomorrow is only 42...yea, I know, that's a heat wave for you!)

Love your spy party idea. I know the kids had a great time with this. Congratulations for being written up in Dazzle...
Jane (artfully graced)

Kathleen Grace said...

Right now I need fleece lined everything, and those down booties are only $10?! What great gifts those would make:>)

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

I love all your cozy things, but especially the RH throw. My favorite way to stay warm is with a Ralph Lauren cotton throw - it looks and feels like a thick, soft sweater - it's perfect to snuggle under.
Stay warm,

Ranelle said...

This is the first time in a long time that we have actually had to think about attempting to stay warm. We just moved from Arizona - last year we didn't turn our heat on ONCE except to check that it ran well. Soooo, I had to pull out some old sweaters after moving to the northeast this summer. My absolute favorite is a button down, cable knit long sweater that fits over long sleeve shirts really well without bunching the sleeves up too badly. This sweater is from the oddest of places - Victoria's Secret. I bought it in the 90's and it's still in great condition (maybe because I hardly used it for many years). Anyway, great sweater and definitely a cozy comfort for me.
Congratulations on the features. That spy party is awesome. Great job!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I LOVE being cozy as well-and it is close to 12 degrees tonight here in Michigan...I have been wearing my Uggs all around today-they were a gift from my Aussie friend, where Uggs are made-I am a recent convert to the cozy Uggs-they have shot to my number one I just need my friend to send me a purse-If it saves my husband money in the long run-he'll love it too! :)

laterg8r said...

congrats on the spy party nod :D i still love the laser field :D

great cozy stuff :D

Jenny said...

Congrats on your party features! How could they not feature are amazing? Sounds like your picture should be next to the word cozy in the dictionary. And I have a little button on my blog that you can put on yours to get entered into a free ugg giveaway. It's up at the top right! Go get that button girl.

Seriousbethy said...

This post makes me want to go snuggle in my bed.

Congrats on getting featured!

sarahgrace said...

Actually, you are part of the reason I bought my first pair of Uggs this winter! I saw your other post about them, and thought, "those are actually cute Uggs!" and found some Konas, I believe. They are very similar to yours, just a taller boot and def my fave cozy thing this winter!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I've been tempted to get some Uggs this winter because they look so comfy and cozy, but it just doesn't stay cold here long enough to justify spending the money. ugh! or should I say ugg! Ha, ha bad joke!
Congrats on your birthday party post being featured, that is awesome!!

Michelle said...

I didn't know Ugg made purses. I have had my eye on some Ugg slipper/shoe things ever since I saw them a few weeks ago on the Today show. They are so stinking expensive though. I am hoping to find them on clearance now that stores are moving to spring clothes. Wish me luck!

Becca said...

I just read your New Year's post. It's so funny, because I actually recognized the watch you wore as a teenager in the glass jar, before you singled it out. So weird. Those chocolate chip cookies look amazing! Can you do that with any kind of chocolate chip cookie dough?
Thanks for the compliment on the kids clothes. I get their clothes from everywhere. I usually buy them on sale too. I got Theo's jammies from a Hannah Anderson store. You might like that store if you don't know about it already. I always buy clothes from there too on sale. :) said...

I saw the spy party on the site and was so proud for you! That's awesome!!

I'm ALL about cozy, as I think you've already recognized about me! Down comforter on the bed, cozy throws on the sofa, armchair, and loveseat, cushy-soft slippers (didn't know they made down ones!), an ultra soft robe to snuggle into, lots of throw pillows...gotta have things cozy and comfy - especially in the winter!

Great post!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My Mom bought that same throw! It's so cushy!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

So cozy and snug!

Treasia Stepp said...

I'm totally in love with that blanket and the purse. Just gawgeous dawling.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Ugg purse at the top!!! So cute!!!!! If I could only afford Ugg.HA

Kristen Andrews said...

ugg slippers, snuggie, aveda hand lotion just to name a few :)

Pauline Wiles said...

You really should get the teddy too - it's cruel to leave him sitting shivering in the store when you could be home snuggling together. :)

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