Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wish Upon a Star: Ballard Designs and a French Bathroom

I JUST recently started a new decor project in our master bathroom. I'm doing a French theme with black (of course) and cream with some gold. This is what I have so far {thank you Mom!}.

I would LOVE some more inspiration and ideas on how to finish this French bathroom off. Link me up to some good finds pretty please!

I also want to share this Excellent Book here that sits on my bathroom counter to read while I'm straightening my hair, etc. Yes, it's a silly title but it is a CLASSIC that even today's modern girl will love! Open it up, you'll find a treat.
(now if I could only start to apply her ideas...)

After writing my WALL post HERE the other day,
I thought I should follow up with some Ballard Design heaven. I still remember the VERY moment I fell head over heels for Ballard Designs. It was a few years ago when a catalog came in the mail. I was up allll night in sheer excitement showing Chris every single thing I loved. Finally, I found a catalog that fit perfectly.
And we all lived happily ever after
(me, Chris, and Ballard)

My current Ballard Designs
Wish List and inspiration

for all of you who are appointing your home with loveliness:

(all photos below property of Ballard Designs website)

Wouldn't these be perfect for my french bathroom?!
This is too adorable

Another perfect addition to our bathroom

Zinc Tags, Yes Please
Wow, all of this works

Fresh, fresh
Outdoor Charm

Cozy Corner

This bottle is too unique!
Wire loops for feminine fun
I've been wanting to paint put up wallpaper in a room or two for awhile! Maybe with something like this
Or this

This is the end of Ballard Design Inspiration for now. And now you know why it's one of my top favorites like I talked about HERE.

Don't forget to share any ideas for decorating my French Bathroom! Thank you

"Taste is a sharpened eye for the beautiful, the interesting, and the unusual - coupled with the talent to apply all of these to one's life." - Eleanor Lambert


Greta said...

I'm so relieved that the glasses made it to you safely! Enjoy!

tara said...

Hi Lisa!! I love Ballard Designs too...! I say, go to Etsy and put French in the search bar, see what comes up, there are so many talented artists there, perhaps something will inspire you..also if you check my sidebar there is a shop called Dreams of France, maybe there are some items in there that will help with your bathroom! good luck!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

So glad we found each other's blogs!

I, too, am a Ballard Designs fan(atic)! :)

Hey! The zinc tags! I carry those in my online store! I had no idea Ballard had them too!

I'm going to tell myself that THEY are copying ME. :)

Yeah.. right. :)


xinex said...

I love all the Frenchy accessories, so lovely!..Christine

Kelly Miller said...

Everything looks great, but I wanted to comment that I absolutely love that bookmark. So simple, yet chic.

I also agree that you'll probably find lots of lovely possibilities on Etsy.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your bathroom is looking so cute!

Roeshel said...

Pretty inspiration! I love a French theme - I agree with etsy. Good luck! Can't wait to see more!


Donna Reyne' said...

I Love Ballards...They are always my go to place when I'm doing a redo! I love what you've started! Look forward to seeing your pictures when your

Tammy @ said...

You are a girl after my own heart! Ballard Designs is my go to as well, every catalog is like a little gift (drives my husband crazy)! Be sure to check out she has a great blog and a store full of gorgeous things.

Thanks for visiting my blog. After skimming through yours I saw that we both have the Good Housekeeping picture of the little boy in the tub, great taste!

Best wishes,

caveman said...

On a scale from one to ten here is my feelings on each of the items pictured:

Stuff you already have: 10, But you already knew that.

Rugs: 10, Plus they would match our tile perfectly!

Loo sign: 2, I like the everything except the word itself and the bow, but the style is cool.

Hand towels: 5, They would be better if they were cream instead of white.

Zing tags: 10, Now that I know what they are ;)

The "all of this picture": 15, I could actually see that in our bedroom along the wall across from the bed. I want you to order this stuff right now!

Fresh, Fresh: 2, I like this but it wouldn't match the theme you have already started... Maybe in the upstairs bathroom?

Outdoor charm: 10, Love em!

Cozy corner: 6, The chairs are way cool, but the table leg doesn't match anything there. The rest is good though.

Unique bottle: 20, I want you to have this!!

Wire loops: 7, But they are not really my thing.

Wallpaper: 10, Do it!

All in all I rate your decorating style a 10. And let it never be said that your husband doesn't have an opinion. 1610 said...

I love Ballard Designs! And my master bath is done in black, cream and gold! It gets oodles of compliments!

Tootsie said...

I want to have zinc tags and a french bath too!!! You have excellent taste my friend! enjoy your stat counter!!!

BellaRosa said...

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for visiting my lil blog and leaving such a sweet message, I love your blog! Goodness I don't even know what to comment on this post it is all so gorgeous, I LOVE your bathroom, we are in the planning stages of redoing ours and have a jacuzzi tub in storage and a ball and claw tub too lol just trying to decide which to use...Your children are absolutely gorgeous and I saw on your profile that you wished you were younger..Amore...your still a bebe :) I became a follower so that I can come back and visit again and again :) Rose

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

LOVE the blue bottle collection!

Andrea Villarreal said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today:) I too am in love with Ballard. Have you seen the rug with the french poem written on it?? I want it!!

Let it Shine said...

So cute! Love the look you are going for! I am with you on the Ballards love. And you are right, about that Loo sign :)

Take care,


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Thanks for visiting my blog -- I love this look and would take any and all of the above!!!

Jane said...

Hi Lisa,
I just saw your note on my blog...thanks. I treasure those Homeschooling days with my boys...

I LOVE Ballard Designs, too, although my decorating style in this home is not French. I do, however, get inspired by much that I see. Recently, in one of the blogs (can't remember whose it was) I saw gift tags made from heavy paper tags from the office supply store, a stamp with a "French letter" and a stamp with the Eiffel Tower (and a fleur de lis). The letter was first stamped onto the tag, then the other. After drying, a damp tea bag was used to "antique" the tag. It was a wonderful idea...might be something you would like to try with your boys...for gift tags.

Jane (artfully graced)

Jane said...

Oops...I meant to leave a note for your dear husband.
Chris, you're a good man. I love how you support Lisa...and how she supports you. Not many husbands would take the time to comment on the decorating ideas...much less encourage your wife to indulge herself. (Mine does...He's a "keeper"!_
Blessings on your marriage and your family.

Jane (Artfully Graced)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Love the decor!!

Faded Plains said...

It looks like you have lots of pictures to help inspire your new look...can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Decor To Adore said...

I too love the Ballard's catalog. When I lived in Georgia I would go to the outlet center whenever I was in Atlanta. Heaven!

Crystal said...

I am loving your bathroom and also your blog. I really like your school corner too-I am trying to set up one for my preschooler.
-Crystal (Crystal's Craft Spot)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I love what you've done in your bathroom so far. I love the look of rolled towels in a French basket nest to the tub. You have lots of great ideas!!

Warm Wishes,
Karen Eileen

Unknown said...

So cute! You have a great sense for style and decoration! My step-mom has that same "Loo" sign over her bathroom door, now I know where she got it.


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Ohhh, how I looooove to look through Ballards website! I love all those ideas, I also love your school corner, very inspiring:) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, the Follower part isn't working, but I will be back!!


Diana Ferguson said...

Loving the look of your bathroom! Keep us updated on the progress. I have got to get to that Ballard's catalog.

Lynn said...

Such cute stuff! I love the black and cream theme for your bathroom :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa! Looks like you are off to a fabulous much great inspiration too!!! Bathrooms are the room that give me the most difficulty with decorating, yours is really looking wonderful!

:) T

Sandra said...

Great start to your French inspired bathroom. I am using French accents in my bath also. I found , ... she has a lot free French clipart, and I have printed them off and pasted on clear glass jars with lids to hold soap, cotton balls, Qtips, or to frame, etc. Check her blog out.

koralee said...

Your bathroom will look so lovely...i am a fan of black and home is covered in it room to room. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other glad you found I have found you and I adore your blog and style sense!

Missy said...

Your bathroom is going to look so good! Can't wait to see the finished product. I absolutely love the mirror from Ballard Design.

Jennifer said...

Okay, so where has this ballard designs been my whole adult life? ;P

Cute bathroom-- Love those jars!

Kristen Andrews said...

I have The Loo sign in my bathroom and love it!

BTW would you like to be one of my featured readers? If so send me a email

Leigh Ann said...

Love all things Ballard design.
thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment about my family rules.
I home schooled my daughter when she was in the 4th grade, one of our best years together! She is a freshman in college this year. Enjoy!
Leigh Ann

Nancy said...

It's kinda funny cuz my favorite things are your husbands least favorites. I liked the "fresh fresh mirror" and the "Loo" sign made me smile! Ballard design has some great stuff but they are PRICEY! I guess I'll have to forgo the french and stick with the swedish (IKEA) designs ; )

Susan said...

I am not good at dec ideas ... but I am so happy to read about Ballard Designs. I, too, LOVE their catalog and their things. I know your bathroom will turn out great!

julie - eab designs said...

Ballard Designs is my favorite catalog too! All of our chandeliers came from there as well as MANY other home accessories. It's so nice when you find a catalog that reflects your personality and style. Each page is a delight!

Deb said...

Hi Lisa.....I have some wallpaper border in my web-shop that you might looks a lot like those two pictures you posted. Here's the web address if you want to take a look:


HomageBlog said...

Your bathroom will look fabulous - I can't wait to see the finished product! And I LOVE that scallop-y mirror in one of the Ballard pics. Of to look for it now.....~K

Dorey said...

Soo cute! I can't wait to see it when you are done. =)

Jen V said...

My sister has the "LOO" sign - I've always loved it and wanted one for myself!