Thursday, December 4, 2014

Giant Nativity Poster ADVENT REVEAL idea

First, second, third, fourth day of December.  The countdown is on and I still need to finish a few things everything.   Christmas for our family is about traditions.  The advent and Christmas countdown is a tradition that we make new each year.   We have had almost every advent theme one could imagine.  I am overly excited about this little idea I had for this year's countdown:  Nativity Poster Reveal.

Basically, I hung a large poster on the wall.  I covered it with index cards and numbered the cards.  Each day, the boys will remove the numbered card to reveal part of the picture.  At the end, the entire picture will be unveiled.

To make your own giant advent poster:

1) Hang a large poster on the wall (bigger is more festive and exciting) 

2) Cover the entire poster with index cards.  Use different colors to change it up if you prefer!

3) Number the cards 


4) Start peeling back the cards on December 1st!

 "Welllll, the first card didn't reveal much..."

And the next day...

And the next!

Until it's Christmas Day!

This idea is a fun and easy one!  It can also be a super special and beautiful project if you want to go all out, making fancy pants numbers, etc.  I kept it basic, but there are so many directions to take this idea!  

I also surprised the boys with the original Advent.  These are nearly exactly the type I had when I was growing up!  Each door opens up to a message.  No chocolate, no surprise, just the simplicity of the Christmas story told day by day.


I hid them in their "mailboxes" to surprise them when they got home from school.

Sometimes our Christmas countdowns include fun activities we are going to do in December.  This year, I just made a little TO DO wish list instead.  We'll skim through the list and pick out our top choices as the month progresses. 

Also, my Grandma is coming to stay with us for December this year and we are surprising her with her own Christmas countdown with K cups!
A K cup a day until Christmas!
She is a coffee addict, so this is ideal for her.

I have an entire collection of ADVENT ideas from Christmases past:

Here are some of the themes and ideas:

and more!

One last thing!
My sweet advent candle that I found 
while doing some downtown shopping this year.

And the countdown continues.
Happy 25 days of December.

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I love my candle... Thank you! PS don't worry.. It's not stored outside. ;)