Monday, December 29, 2014

Last minute preparations and festivities before Christmas DAY

The 25 days of December both crawl and run.  
Anticipation is everywhere 
and everyone is buzzing around 
magically making our lil lives into a Christmas wonderland.  
Stress is high but excitement is higher!

Before school break, I packed the kids some festive sack lunches for school.  
Green grapes, red pomegranates, and holiday goldfish.  

Other ideas: 
greens with radishes or tomatoes
red and green tortilla chips
raspberries and kiwi
Wheat Thin holiday crackers
white snowball cheese puffs

My Grandma made us her legendary tacos for dinner one December night!

I had a lot of little elves helping me during the season!
Sweet Roll prepping...

Getting to work with:

Stocking stuffers...

Packages ready to drop in the mailbox...

My Grandma is a gift-wrapping expert. 
Growing up, she was always the best gift-wrapper I knew! 
 I put her to work with my packages. ;)

wrapping for days...

Sweet snitching...

Homemade roll baking...

Christmas song practicing...

A couple minutes here and there for tea time sitting...

Tree trimming...

All the guys working on lights

Kotah would do this!

Almost done!

Puppy time!

He even left the tree alone all season long.  :)

Well, almost...

The days of December quickly closed in
 closer to the 25th.

Gifts ready!

On Christmas Eve we received some super fun packages via FedEx from my cousins.
The boys were SO excited!  The holiday spirit was big!


And finally! 
 We are ready for the grand finale of the year.
A few hours of silent night 
before the morning brings the best fun for all!

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b. said...

I see a package for me!!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Hey, awesome atmosphere you got here! Also this Christmas tree is so cute and shiny :) Also check this article Keep it up!