Sunday, December 1, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Photo Envelope Countdown for Grandparents...and an entire collection of other advent calendar ideas

December is here and that makes me extra happy!  Yep, I'm one of "those".  
Bring it all on, 
like donkey kong.

This blog post is packed with advent and Christmas Countdown ideas! It's not all about kids.  I even have sexy holiday
countdowns to do for couples.  Our countdowns have ranged from historic trivia, to acts of service, to fun surprises.  This year, I'm sharing ideas that also include the grandparents!

Chris makes me advent calendars too, which I like love a LOT!  
This is what he brought out to me last night...romantic countdown 2013!!

to me,
from him

On today's post, I want to share with you all a fun 
12 Days of Christmas Photo Countdown Envelopes 
we made for grandparents and great grandparents last Christmas.  

What better way to involve grandparents in the exciting fun of counting the days until Christmas than with photos of grandkids? ;) 

This photo countdown is easy to make.  

You'll need:

- 12 manila envelopes
- 12 fun stickers that you can write numbers on
- 12 adorable photos of your kids

Simply add one photo (and a little note if desired) in each envelope.  Press number stickers on the envelopes, stack and seal!  

That's it!  The envelope stack is ready to be mailed to the grandparents.    

They will open one envelope each day until Christmas. These daily surprises will bring lots of smiles. They'll have a small collection of cute snapshots at the end too!  

Counting down the days until Christmas has stirred exciting emotion in my spirit since I was probably a baby girl. I have memories of disappointing letdown when I realized there were still 20-something days left until the big day.  I also remember making paper chains and looking forward to when the chain became super short!  The wait was long and stretched my impatient little self.  I have collections of memories and I've taken those feelings of fun anticipation and passed them onto my own boys through the years.  

The boys with their paper chains 2009

Our entire family is big fans of the holidays and we're all crazy about advent calendars.
Through the years, I've made a lot of different Countdown THEMES:

and more!

Past advent calendars to check out 
on Moore Minutes:


and more!

This year, the boys have a Star Wars LEGO calendar.  Easy choice for this mama! ;)

What's your advent traditions?


The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is a very cute idea! Love it!



Jenny said...

This is soooo cool!
I love this idea!

Lucky recipients!
Beautiful idea as always!

caveman said...

I appreciate that you take your love for the Christmas season, and use it to bless others.

jakiesmom said...

I love your creativity. My son just got the lego calendar and he loves it.

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