Friday, March 28, 2014

Once upon a lately...our life happenings in photos from New Year's Eve until St. Patrick's Day!

It's spring but I'm still bundled!

Once upon a time I diligently blogged, documenting our life and sharing ideas.  But!  Once upon a lately, I got lazy.  If habits start to die, it is tough to restart them.  My heart's desire is to always document, always share, always inspire and be inspired.

I will always put pen to paper or keystroke to screen.  Journaling my voice has forever been my passion.  In recent years my journaling transformed into blogging and it has been such a blessing even in this recent season of blogging less.

Another little-big problem that happened is I had some technical, behind-the-scenes issues.  I was unaware until recently that for over a year my blog address has NOT worked for the majority of viewers.  What?! A lot of readers assumed I closed my blog because it wasn't accessible.  I don't understand all the tech stuff, but apparently the little path and maze of junk that leads to my address was broken.  :(  A few people could still directly access, but my blog was basically only available indirectly through facebook or other links.  BIG BLAH.  This issue still isn't resolved but I'm working on it!  I lost contact with a lot of you and I apologize (though you probably aren't able to read this apology...ahhh).

Okay.  Let's play catch up.  
After the holidays, 'til now, 
this is our happenings:

  My parents had the boys over for New Year's Eve this year.  Going to my parent's home sweet home is one of the boys' very favorite things to do!  My mom makes everything extra special, plus I know there are layers of extra love over there.  ;)

They made New Year's art posters with my Dad, and my Mom showed them how to make pipe cleaner star garland.

I breezed over the star garland in my winter decor post but I think this idea is awesome!  It is simple and super cute.  I just LOVE these stars!  They would be fun for 4th of July too.

The HOW TO according to my Mom:

- mold the pipe cleaners around a star cookie cutter
- pinch the edges firmly to hold shape
- carefully lift apart from cutter 
- make more, linking them as you go
- have fun!

While the boys were having a delightful time with Grandma and Grandpa, Chris and I spent New Year's out with friends at a delicious local Italian restaurant.

We do dinners out with friends often.  However, this New Year's Eve dinner rates up there as one of my favorites!  We dug deep, enjoying meaningful conversation, and appreciating one another.

I love these people.

After New Year's celebrations, our other big January fun was our big vacation to Las Vegas.  This was such an exciting way to break up a typically uneventful January! I just posted all the details on that yesterday.

We also spent a lot of our winter being sick.  It was ridiculous!  I don't think our family has ever circled sick germs around as much as we have this year.  Insane stuff, those lil germs.

The best way to embrace the season, is to get out in it.  We did a lot of SNOW PLAYING!  I made a wordsearch game on our blackboard.  The winter words the boys found were the activities that we planned to do over the wintertime.  We concentrated on the classics from making paper snowflakes, waving our snow angels, and going sledding and snow skiing!

Enjoying classic winter fun!

We went ice skating a couple times with friends and family.

And snow skiing on the big Colorado mountains!  
We have more snow skiing pictures on Titus' birthday blog post

When this is our view, it's always a good day.

Winter Food
I also spent a lot of time in the warm kitchen 
during these colder months.  

Lots of hot soups made with all the good stuff.  

Homemade maple syrup and buttermilk syrup 
for my boys on a weekend morning!

And when I wasn't in the kitchen,
we were gathered around little cafe tables.

I am a complete Teavana tea addict.  
Cupping hot hot tea in my hands every night is one of the things I look forward to most in my days. 

Sweetest middle boy ever! Chris and I walked in from a workout to find that Dakotah made us both tea with cloth napkins and a note! Notice he put bits of rock sugar on each spoon too.

Our family also spends a lot of time with our 970 Muscle family in the gym.  We both love using our bodies and celebrating what they're capable of. 

Chris is a beast! Here is he on one of our board day competitions.  Powerlifting is his thing.  I kinda like strong guys...a lot. ;)

photo courtesy of J. Hobbs Photography

The couple who works out together, gets really hungry together!  Two of our favorite things: working out and mexican food. 

I have found a huge passion with running!  Cameron is my running partner.  Almost nothing makes me happier than running with my oldest.  We have gorgeous and peaceful views on our Colorado runs.  

Here I am before my LAST training run before my first big race.  
I was so excited!  I will be blogging about that soon.

When the snow started to leave and we welcomed the new sunshine with Colorado hiking.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at my parent's house.  My mom made us traditional corned beef and her delicious Leprechaun Pie.  

She has been making this meal every March 17th 
for as long as I can remember. 


Wear Green!
Here is our Green Day blog post last year.
May you have many happy tomorrows. 

That's a wrap on our virtual photo album from New Year's until St. Patrick's Day.  
I will be sharing fun party ideas for you all soon!

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ShanaM said...

Great photos!

Not good when the blog doesn't work, that is for sure!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a precious family! And good grief looking at those huge weights! How much is Chris pressing? It hurts me to think about it. My, y'all put me to shame!

My cousin is working out with the Navy Seals. He is in charge of fitness at a military base and is training with kettle balls, etc. He said his proudest moment was when some of the Seals said he was dong great and didn't add, "for an old guy"! LOL



Meghan said...

I love looking at your photos & I am so glad your blog url always worked for me :)