Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter lessons, Jack Frost, lazy nights, and Ugg obsessions

Every season teaches us something to enhance and beautify our lives!  January teaches us about cleansing, detoxing our homes and bodies, fresh starts,  minimizing life from the excited extravagance of November through December, and about resting in quiet peace.

 Summer is loud, winter is silent.  Spring and fall are busy with growth and gathering, winter is still with cleanliness and rest.  The thick white comforter of cold snow freezes the rush of life underneath the soil and allows a season of STILLNESS, giving us a masterpiece of white purity to witness during the time of reprieve.

  Nothing in nature in more soothing to my spirit than brand baby new fallen snow, a white winter wonderland for sure!


The season of quiet rest in our spirits

Hot pink and lightening blue 
candy canes for a winter snow day!

Waking up to see THIS right out my window is a giant message bolding telling me
"girl, you better grab life today."

New snow is exciting because it's an excuse to pull on my WHITE Ugg snowboots
that I just love so much I want to marry them!
 More about Uggs here and here. ;)

pastel white sunsets out my parent's back door

photo via @mooreminutes instagram

Brrr! Baby it's cold outside

Remember these FUN knits my Mom made for ALL of us at Christmas?
I still can't believe she knit 8 perfect hats for 8 people she loved
 in the month of December.
I {great big heart} these hats!

"But since we've no place to go,
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

Photo via @mooreminutes instagram

White glowing nights laced with mysterious cold fog

Taking every season captive...

WINTER brings us IN early, gives us renewed appreciation for warm covers and cozy walls.  WINTER provides lazy nights to relax, and clean white days to play.  

Lazy date night with my babe.
This is how we do it.

(mugs from Anthro, thank you Brandi!)

Computers on laps
and books under toes.

Cozy socks pulled up high!

I must mention UGG stuff AGAIN.
You know I'm crazy about them. My brother went to Las Vegas
 and brought me back a BIG surprise!  I love him!!! Best brother ever!

Random acts of kindness make my winter perfect.
New Ugg bag and new Ugg gloves

Thank you Kyle for making me super excited 
and for making me feel special on just an ordinary day!

My new Ugg love:

And Ugg gloves!

Keep getting cozy,
 let yourself snuggle into the corner of the couch,
and don't forget to 
get outside and crunch footprints into the snow!
Happy Winter

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Agy said...

It looks awfully cold over where you are, but beautiful all the same! Love the UGGS - we can't wear them over here. It's constantly hot!! Thank you for popping over to my blog and leaving sweet cmts :-)

Agy of Green Issues.

Blondie's Journal said...

This was so perfectly really described winter as it is! Gorgeous pics, too!

I love Uggs! It's so nice to see so many new styles. I have had a pair of boots for years and they are still going strong. SO warm! Hurray for you on your gifts!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts. Thank you for brightening my doldrums!

Sunshine said...

Oh, Lisa, I love your snowy tree pictures -- so beautiful!!! After reading your winter words, I feel a winter peace. Outside my window is lots of snow and yes, it's cold outside but it's also calming and wonderful and well,'s just like you said!

Stacey said...

You captured the snow beautifully. Your family pics are cute too. Love those Uggs!

Jane said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I have never seen ice on the trees like this. It's wondrous!

Love your UGG things...I know if I lived in cold climates, I'd be wearing them. This year, I have worn my boots only 1 time...It's been a flip flop winter, so far. Tomorrow we should hit 78!

Love the boys' socks (bear claws?)