Monday, October 15, 2012

50 Shades of autumn HOME DECOR 2012

September, October, November...

these months are the time to GATHER together,

celebrate home,

and enjoy the cozy warmth inside. 

Cozy is my deal.  
I value it over everything a lot of things!  
The second the chilly air hits our home sweet home
I'm fluffing up THE COZY throughout...

pulling out my always favorite, Ugg shoes...

Using our giant heaven cloud bean bag...

Lighting spice candles 
(yummy candle giveaway going on now click HERE!

Pulling out my knitting pail...

Anticipating long nights 
listening to Chris playing the guitar 
while we cuddle up with 
fur pillows and knitted blankets.  

In addition to cozy softness, I love bringing the natural outdoors IN with our seasonal decor.  Using the textures, colors, and natural elements of the outdoors makes it easy to decorate for each season.

This incredible leaf is REAL, yes! It is so big and perfect, it deserves to be framed.   The base bleeds brown, then yellow and green colors work up the veins of this giant leaf.  The boys discovered it last year and we pressed it and saved it.

Our family has a lot of fun leaf collecting each year.  See here for our pressed leaf garland last year.  Titus showed the girls at soccer how to make giant fall leaf bouquets!

photo from my new instagram account!

On a recent visit to the apple orchards, the kind farmer gave the boys each a perfect patchy little orange pumpkin.  They whimsically fit in these bowls and one even got it's own mini pedestal.  

This apple garland was not so easy to make!  Apples are heavy.  Who knew?  We recently went apple picking at a beautiful apple orchard.  Titus collected handfuls of the "baby size apples".  With these, I was able to successfully make a fresh apple garland!  I used heavy fishing line and a long needle.  

No apples were harmed or wasted in this project (wink).  We cut them up and fed them to the birds and I'm quite sure those little chirpers were excited to find fall fruit!

Our mantel this year was decorated in light, washed out colors of fall, instead of bold and dark.  
Our sweet neighbors  gave us me all I needed to create this mantel!  
Thank you Donna, I'm excited! 

Aspen trees are a beautiful signature of Colorado. I added dried leaf and branches of my favorite tree, the Aspen tree.

Washed out fall colors with big personality.

 My baby "pumpkin tree" makes me smile!  Itty bitty "pumpkins" growing on stems...

Okay, they're not really pumpkins but they DO look like it!  They are peppers! 

Let the sun shine in!

Also in the kitchen is my antique pastry cutter turned handmade basket.  
A local shop sells handmade baskets that the owner makes in store.  
I fell in love with the uniqueness of this one!  

I've showed this old picture from 2004
 in my decor a few times 
AND I will continue to because 
these little boys are just so darn cute! 

(We switch out photos in our frames based on the season)

Another old fall favorite is our dryer vent pumpkin.  
It's getting old and must be handled with care. ;) 

 Little simply stated decor throughout...
fuzzy felted acorn.

 A chalked on reminder in our hallway telling us to
 gather together and be cozy!

From our home to yours,
and be blessed.

Want to see more?  Click here for a complete fall collection!
And don't forget to enter our current giveaway for a lovely fall scented candle

Do you decorate for fall? 
Grab a pumpkin, 
set it on a cake pedestal in the center of your table, 
light a candle,
and cozy up to 50 shades of autumn.

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b. said...

I felt lots of warmth as I read through this post! I thought the picture of Titus with those girls was too cute!

Anonymous said...

What great photos..It looks like fall everywhere..I love the idea of the apple garland..Have a wonderful week..

Jaime said...

Beautiful home decor ideas, love the simplicity of your natural decorations.

Jeane M. said...
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Mickey said...

I like your "sunshine" print and the acorn looks sweet. The coziness transpires through your pics.

ASquared06 said...

Can I just go ahead and admit that I am coveting your grey, crocheted throw?!?! OMG I DIE! It screams cozy and warm.

chateau chic said...

Your home looks like such a warm, cozy and happy place. I love all your understated fall decorations.
Happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice

caveman said...

This post is beautifully written. I love our fall chalk board message (as does another boy in our family), but my favorite piece has to be that acorn!

Today I was driving down the road, noticing all the amazing fall colors, when I realized just how much I have learned from you about appreciating life and all it's beauties.

Christine @ First Home...Love Life said...

Hi there, I came over from 'the 36th avenue' and so glad I did! Your decor is lovely! XO

Unknown said...

Cute post! Would love if if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!

An Oasis in the Desert said...

This is such a lovely post, Lisa, both your words and your decor. I'm now a new follower.

Marti @ SewLicious Home Decor said...

I love this, this is very creative! I have a SHOW-case Craft Showcase going on this weekend if you would like to be a part of! :)

Anonymous said...


Johnny Culp said...

I love dressing up my home with nicely made pumpkins. We decorated our bedhead with some fruits, sometimes real ones since we like eating all night with them, just watching a movie with the kids.