Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catching up Part 1: Springtime Celebrations

I recently explained my new blogging situation.  You can find me Instagram all the time though!

This is part one of a three part blog series.
See here for PART TWO
and here for PART THREE


Okay, so! Here's the deal.  I WILL still be blogging, just not as often.  Most of my blog posts are storybook summaries of our current life in action. I've always journaled, since I was 8 years old!  There is something deep within me that desires to share and to record.  I will continue to record our life through blogging. 

Stay around, because I'll still add fun ideas, recipes, and tips along the way...full of all things cute and pretty!  You know it! :)

And for the first part of "catching up", here are our springtime celebrations:

St. Patrick's Day greeeeeeeen fun. 
More green from other years found here and here

My best friend's birthday is also in March.  We escaped for a short road trip to glorious Vail, Colorado,to celebrate her special day.  

I like to entertain myself with April Fool's Day tricks.  Every year I get really excited about the pranks I plan...I'm usually more amused than the rest of my family. :-l 

This year...I googled some good ones.  Pop Its on toilet seats that make a loud POP when someone sits down.  

I painted my boys' faces while they were sleeping.  My hand was shaking when I painted because I was laughing so hard.  Surprisingly, they didn't wake up AT ALL.  Score for this mama! 

My middle son takes after me with nearly everything.  He clearly had ideas to pay me back.  Drawing a spider with a Sharpie on the toilet paper REALLY got me good.  I'm still shuddering...

April is also my birthday month AND my husband's.  Our birthdays are a day apart.  

I woke up to a giant love note across our entire bathroom mirror.  Gosh, I really like this man of mine!  ;) 

I opened my bedroom door, barely awake, really early, to this. It's the biggest balloon bouquet I've ever seen!! I couldn't even fit out the door. Only my husband would do this!

Ta da!!!!!!
33rd Birthday

I think he bought every single mylar available!

My dear friend, Allison, made this incredible scarf for me!  She is extra talented...she even wrote the beautiful font on my card.  I'm on stacks of cloud nines over this gift!! It makes my soul SING.

We ended the day with Mexican food. 
 Because we all know that I could eat chips and salsa
 all day, every day.

The very next day was Chris' birthday. 

I ordered him a chocolate silk pie from a local pie shop.  
Palisade Pies is a little farmhouse shop way out in the country and she bakes the BEST pies.  Ever.

Yes, those are stacks of Oreos.  
Chris is a cookie monster.

I made him a "meat & potatoes" steak dinner.  
(made with lots of love of course!!)

I am SO grateful and thankful for this man!  
He is by far the biggest blessing in our family's lives.

MOORE Birthday celebrating:

My friend, Carrie, celebrated with a lot of diapers (of course) at her baby shower!

This spring, we also celebrated my friend Abigail's future marriage
 with a special engagement party! 
 It was a blessed evening, surrounded with goodness. 

Our FINAL spring celebration this year was our 15th wedding anniversary.  

We took off for a date night at the Winery Restaurant downtown to celebrate another year of "together".

This memory is always with me: We were two teenagers, barely old enough to drive, sitting on an old tailgate, alone in the desert,overlooking the lake, deep in thought about our future. We had a real conversation about what Plan A would be. Then we discussed Plan B. We even joked about Plan Z. 
The years rolled together and forward and almost nothing went as planned. 
Some years were painfully miserable and other years were better than all our hopes.
Life was messy and life was perfect.
Love was so hard and love was so easy.
Nightmares unfolded and dreams came true.
We celebrated and we screamed.
He gave me everything and I gave him everything.
And we just loved. Over and over again.

I am his world. And he is my favorite.
We plan for silver but are constantly given gold. This young love thing is real after all.
I guess we always knew it was. 

He still randomly asks me to marry him...and I always almost always say YES.


This finger has been wrapped for 15 years!!

See our story and wedding video here

This is part one of a three part blog series.
See here for PART TWO
and here for PART THREE

Well, now that July is nearly over, I'm happy to post our SPRING celebrations!  
Better late than never. ;)  Keep on keeping on and enjoy these sunshine days. 

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caveman said...

My favorite part of this post is the pictures of you. You are gorgeous, Lisa. And not like "I married you so I think so" gorgeous, no, you are truly, amazingly, uniquely, and incredibly gorgeous.

caveman said...

P.S. Will you marry me?

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