Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our 2014 sweet HEART home and a hearty egg breakfast

This house of hearts is loaded with love.  One girl, Four boys.  One dog.
Pink, flowers, hearts, all things soft and lovey.
The end.

home SWEET heart

I also have a couple traditional cookie recipes I make in February.  
One of them are these Raspberry Jam heart shortbreads.
Super yum!

bite me

These paper origami roses that Chris made me for 
Valentine's Day one year last forever! :)
They're my favorite!!

A hearty breakfast!
I knowwww that's corny to say, but I had to say it. 

I used a heart-shaped waffle iron 
to make these hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

Fun yogurt packaging!


Archive of Moore Valentine lovies:
 for Valentine projects, love lessons, and delicious treats!

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Blondie's Journal said...

This is so sweet! You simply love making your family happy and feeling your love. Not just on Valentine's Day...every day!!!

Jane x

P.S. Can you tell me where you got your sign...All You Need Is Love. Or did you make it?

b. said...

Jane is right... It's Valentine's Day every day at your house! This was a super sweet post.... Loved it! And those heart marshmallows are so cute!