Friday, February 6, 2015

Cozy Christmas Morning at Home: HOLIDAY STORY PART TWO


I mentioned before that this year we decided to celebrate differently.  Usually, we overload our cars with delicious homemade food, suitcases, pillows, and presents, and head to my parents' house for a couple days over the entire Christmas holiday.  It is always a magical getaway for us.  This year however, we decided celebrate at our home sweet home.  My parents, brother,  and grandma were over for Christmas Eve.  The next morning we experienced Christmas morning with our little family 5.  It was intimate, simple, and OH so special.  We finished off the big day with driving over to my parents' in the afternoon for Christmas dinner.

The magic of Christmas Eve ended just as the wonder of Christmas morning began.  That magic, wonder, anticipation, and thrill is what makes this holiday unique and extra fun.

Santa tip toes under our twinkle lights when the house is still and after the festivities are over on December 24th.   We never put any gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve.  It's more exciting for us this way. ;)

Oooh, this one is for me. 

Early in the morning...
We always make the kids wait until everyone is ready before we let them come out.  When it's time, they come racing down, loud as thunder.

Fireplace, lights, hot drinks, cozy's GO time for GIFTS!

It's a family pajama party!

Our new lil lab, Basil, was a family holiday gift.  We got him a few weeks before Christmas.  

The kids would always read these holiday favorite books and wish they had their own Christmas puppy.  NOW they do!

So many treasures to unwrap.  Hands down my favorite morning of the entire year.  And yes, it's about the gifts. #sorrynotsorry

Some of my happy stash.

Every minute of this morning makes my heart pump.  
These are minutes of HAPPY: 
we're together, safe, excited, and experiencing the pleasure of giving and receiving. 

Life is paused on this day.  
All cares are cast aside and our arms are wide open to bliss.

Basil loved his first Christmas.

We took a break to fill our hungry tummies.

I made a fresh citrus and baby's breath centerpiece for our breakfast table.

I had some breakfast surprises at the table too!  Chris and I had an artsy date night at the pottery shop awhile ago.  We made mugs for the boys.  
I set the table with their new mugs at their chair.  I was pretty excited about giving the boys these!

We also have a tradition of lotto tickets under each plate at the breakfast table. tickets! SURPRISE!

Secret messages inside each mug.


"Toooooo many pictures Mama"

Our menu:
Traditional breakfast egg casserole 
fresh berries
mint and cranberry infused water

Let's eat!

Usually I bake cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning but this year I tried the lemon morning rolls.  The texture and flavor of these are amazing!  I wish I could have a bite right now.

After breakfast, we finished opening our gifts and relaxed around the house with new treasures and our most-loved puppy dog....

Peeking in the dining room window to say hello...

Going on walks with light snowfall...

Another of my Christmas loves is seeing everyone dressed in their new outfits, and playing with new toys.  There is something exciting about the combination of the blessings of the NEW and the traditions of the OLD.

Ready to rock and roll over to grandparents' house for Christmas feast and more pressies of course! 

This was the grand finale card of the advent calendar Titus made for me this year:
super precious!

We stumbled through the holiday season this year, 
full of mishaps and un-expecting turns.  
But in the end, 
blessings crowded in all around us 
and we were able to pause life on December 25th.

My soul begs for more of these moments turned memories. 
I can't ever get enough.

It was a Cozy-Merry Christmas after all. 
And oh! I hope your special day was blessed.

This is part two of a three part blog series.  
See here for part one, Christmas Eve Dinner
and here for part three, Christmas Afternoon Celebration

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caveman said...

I smiled all the way through this post. The pictures of you and Basil are my favorite though.

b. said...

The lemon rolls look amazing!!!

I love the picture of Basil in the wrapping paper and where he's up on couch with Chris. That puppy has you wrapped around his cute little paw and I love it!

Love seeing all the happy fun pictures!

Unknown said...

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