Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A partnered post with Girls Gone Strong, a special offer, and all about WEIGHT TRAINING!


Recently I was told that going to the gym a couple hours a day didn't seem mentally healthy.  Do you know what really seems unhealthy?  Waiting to live.  Wasting a good body.  Feeling not good enough.  Not having anything that inspires us to be more.  do more.  accomplish more.  Not challenging ourselves.  Stopping before we start.  Not holding onto hope. Not believing that we can do something. Not renewing our minds.  Not moving.  NOT MOVING.  So, yes, I go to the gym a lot.   I move my body there.  I feel alive.  And life is for the living.

There is nothing that has enhanced my overall well-being more than using my body to greater capacities.  I have found so much joy in weight lifting, running, working out, and using my body!  I've taken time to celebrate what my body can do, instead of wasting time wondering what my body can look like.  Doing this has given me freedom and passion that drives me forward every day!

I have discovered that physically using the body which I've been blessed with has so many layers of depth.  It's looking past the mirror and into real life.  This physical journey isn't about the physical body after all.  It's about not taking our minutes for granted, not waiting to live.  It's about finding what moves us from the inside.  It's about learning to appreciate the wonders that we, as humans, can accomplish.  It's about pushing beyond what we think we can do and doing something we never thought we could.  It's about growing our minds, strengthening our hearts, and pushing the doors to this world wide open.  It's about removing boundaries.  We learn to push our own ladder against the walls as we climb over to the other side.   Then we do it again and again and again.   It's about embracing other humans who desire to become better.  It's about teamwork and encouragement.   Physical fitness encompasses body, mind, spirit.  It takes the best of us and refines our better into best.

gym minutes...

Awhile ago, I stumbled upon was Molly Galbraith's blog.  For so long, I couldn't find anyone who quite understood the perspective of my husband and mine.  I felt completely like the odd man out.  In a world telling me to make my body more beautiful, I was learning to let go of that...that looks didn't really matter much.  But who else felt the same?  I found Molly!  My eyes couldn't blink away from her words on my computer screen.  This voice echoed the familiar sound of my husband's. These were rescuing words of freedom for women.  In this loud world that tells us to buy ourselves beautiful, to enhance our looks, Molly was right there, saying it wasn't necessary.  Instead, she is an advocate for strength.  Building strength allows our bodies to function and move, which empowers our souls to soar.  Once we soar, freedom is found.

I believe that we were designed to use our bodies, to grow and utilize the potential beneath our skin.  When our focus is on seeing what we are capable of, rather than seeing how hot we can look, we discover there is more to this entire dance.  We find a genuine depth that propels us forward, that gives us purpose, and drives us back for more.

I am excited to partner with Girls Gone Strong and share with you a fitness program designed JUST for women: The Modern Women's Guide to Strength Training.  This program is partly designed by Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong.

Girls Gone Strong,
Women's Fitness Authority:

Our mission is to educate and inspire women of all ages to maximize the strength of their body, mind, and character. This site is the culmination of decades of real-world knowledge and features training and nutrition information, workouts, recipes, advice, motivation, and more.

If you've never heard of GGS, you need to check out their site!  They offer a refreshing and non-pressured approach to fitness just for women.  Their advice is backed by years of knowledge.  They know their stuff.  

Today I want to introduce their newest program!
The Modern Women's Guide to Strength Training is designed by fitness professionals and has been recognized by the leader's in the industry as a powerful program for effective change in women.  

This is an all-inclusive fitness and weight lifting program to help you recognize your full potential.  Check out all the details, including informational videos HERE

This program includes:

Strength Training Getting Started Guide Strength Training Manual Strength Training Exercise Glossary Strength Training Video Library Strength Training Programs Strength Training Progress Tracker 
AND BONUS material!The Modern Woman's Guide to Conditioning The Modern Woman's Guide to Nutrition - Super ShakesThe Modern Woman's Guide to Core Training - Body Weight Edition

I am excited about this program!  I will be posting more about Girls Gone Strong as I complete this program so check back!   You can easily click over to Girls Gone Strong site to purchase it and you could literally begin your program TODAY.  Let's do it together!

Here is a bonus for Moore Minutes readers!  
If you purchase this program within 3 days of this post, you can be entered to win a Girls Gone Strong T-shirt!  Simply email GirlsGoneStrong@gmail.com with "Lisa Moore Contest" in the subject line to be entered to win! 

Cheers to strong women....from the inside out!

* The government makes me say that I was compensated for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be.

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caveman said...

There is a lot in this post, Lisa Moore. I wish the whole world had to read your words over and over again. Things like "and life is for the living", and " It's about not taking our minutes for granted, not waiting to live. It's about finding what moves us from the inside." And especially the parts about the body image lie (OK, you didn't call it that, but it's in there). Life on earth is a gift. A body that can do things is a gift. But, they are quickly fleeting gifts. And to squander either by comparing ourselves to photoshopped lies, fake stage pictures, or even people who have just been given different attributes than us, is to waste precious time and a great opportunity to thank God for the unique bodies he made just for each of us.

Unknown said...

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