Thursday, November 15, 2012


*this is an updated re-post to keep MooreMinute's Thanksgiving Collection current

Tie your apron on, 
work hard for a bit 
(because it's good to work hard!) ;) 
Live in beauty, 
gather with family, 
taste your blessings, 
and appreciate our abundance. 

Focusing on just a few details
creates unforgettable holidays,
wrapped with lots of love of course.

I put all the Thanksgiving ideas from my blog in one place...


A collection of traditional Thanksgiving food, full of homemade goodness.

 This menu is a healthy alternative for Thanksgiving!

A Thanksgiving Leftover menu,
Smashed Turkey Dinner Paninis


Don't forget the sweet little people with ideas here and here!
- kid's centerpiece and place settings
- kid's crafts
- Mayflower Bread Boats
-Turkey cups
-and more!

Visit the library to check out special Thanksgiving books to read!


Setting the table for Thanksgiving is one of my favorite parts of this holiday!  Ever since I could remember I've gone crazy decorating tables.  I'm thankful that the world of blogging has helped me document them in photos now!

This past table is lined with white pumpkins and muted tones to add peace and lots of texture for the colder months.


This Thanksgiving table variation is accented with deep plum, the under-used color of fall.  The mustard colored plates are lined with farmhouse chicken wire chargers for a cozy, homey warmth.

Our Thanksgiving table last year used all the earthy, natural colors of the fall season: burnt rust, creams, and shades of browns.  I took a light plaid wool throw and used it as a table runner and then lined the table with wood dishes and wheat.  Our cozy plaid and wood harvest table !

I will soon be sharing our new Thanksgiving tablescape for this season. 
Our family gets to take a tiny getaway to a beautiful place for the holiday,
but since I {double} love setting seasonal tables,
and celebrating gatherings, 
we will be enjoying some turkey at home FIRST. ;)


Last year, our family five took a short vacation to Gateway, Colorado, through Thanksgiving.  It was truly, truly was one of our very favorite vacations we've ever done!  It topped even the big fancy VACAs.  The short Thanksgiving weekend we spent there was incredible.  Even the boys list it on their top favorite lists! 

You can read about our 
2011 getaway

Do you ever gather up your family and take off to relax for the holidays?  I'd love to hear where you go and how much you love it! :)  We are doing it again this Thanksgiving.  Check back to see our peaceful spot for 2012. 

Enjoy this Thanksgiving IDEA collection!
I hope you celebrate 
grateful hearts, 
and the minutes of gathering together.


Anonymous said...

All of the photos are beautiful..I really like the Mayflower bread boat...

Melissa @ LoveBugLiving said...

So many great ideas! Your tables are lovely. The leftover panini looked delicious.

Unknown said...

Awesome ideas, I'm in the mood for thxgiving now! Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!

TidyMom said...

So many wonderful ideas Lisa!
thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up

have a great rest of the weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Emmy said...

Love your table set ups! I am rarely as creative with mine. Great post

Anonymous said...

All these pics only makes me HOPE I can spend a Thanksgiving with you some day!

Christine Jargick - JPEG Apothecary said...

Hey, I have macaroni and cheese on my menu too! This is a first for me :)