Monday, April 11, 2011

Hocus Pocus MAGIC themed birthday party

Our youngest son, Titus, just turned 7. (I previously shared the sneak peek post where you can see the invites). Seven is a magical age, the perfect age for a MAGIC SHOW party!

I am a lover of creating parties. I believe in creating wonder in special moments of my family's lives. I believe in adding every little special touch whenever possible. I believe in loving this life we live. The parties I design are just as much for ME as it is for the kids. But shhh, that's a secret.

I was inspired to do a Magic Show theme for this party because of memories I have of my Dad and his magic. Growing up, my Dad would perform captivating magic shows for me, and sometimes for my friends as well. He was always mysterious, quick, and of course, very magical. He stored his tricks in an old square box in the top shelf of his closet. I remember occasionally peering up in his closet and spying the box in the darkness. I was always so intrigued with that box. I never wanted to touch it, just IN CASE I would somehow destroy the magic. It was a treat whenever my Dad pulled down the box and worked his magic.

To carry on these memories, I wanted to show my boys the wonder and childlike awe of storybook magic tricks.

My Dad showing our boys his old magic tricks after the party.
These are same tricks he did for me when I was little.

On the days leading up to the party, the boys learned some tricks and learned a bit about famous magicians. I'm a big fan of learning at every opportunity in life (pretty sure I got this from my mom!) ;)

I chose neutral tones (my favorite!) and white for the colors, with red and black accents. My all time favorite place to purchase party supplies is from Garnish. Garnish products help me maintain the neutral palette while still providing the freedom to enhance the decor with color.

I styled a dessert bar that focused on all the classic goodies but in a homemade form! Twinkies, donuts, Oreos: classic junk food made home fresh in a Mama's kitchen.

Home-baked mini cinnamon sugar donuts...sooo cute!

Homemade Oreo sandwich cookies...serious yum.

More homemade goodness:
Twinkies! These were my favorite.

The cupcake liners are from King Arthur's Flour.
I used these handmade felt star cupcake toppers in the twinkies.
I had them custom made from Taffie Wishes at etsy. This company is incredible!

I like to fuel my color theme by adding lots of candy
in ONLY the colors of the party.

Magic Wand Pretzels!

These perfectly adorable sugar cookies were made from The Cookie Jar on etsy. They make jaw-dropping cookie designs and I knew I had to have a dozen for this event!

I requested bunny ears in a peek-a-boo hat. We introduced the lil magic bunny in the hat with the party invitations and I wanted to continue that image on throughout the party.

Raspberry bite size Ice Cream Squares
with mini spoons from Garnish

Fruit and Cheese sticks, keeping it natural,
in the COOLEST cups from Garnish.

Occasionally, I will make a cake but I usually let the experts handle it! I use our local cake shop, The Cake Cottage, for most of our cakes. They never disappoint! Their cakes always steal the show at our parties.

To maintain our lil bunny in the hat theme,
I requested this cake style.

I decorated the table with signs on either side of the cake. I removed the glass from old photo frames and secured burlap to the backing. Then I simply taped on party printables. All my printables are from PinkPickle Studios. She is super fast at creating designs and understood my vision 100%.

Paper lanterns are AWESOME. They fold up easily for storage and make a super cool statement in party decor. I'm in love (again).

I also used a lot of ribbon in our decor. Ribbon has always been one of the primary supplies I use for party styling. It can be hung, tied, woven, wrapped, ANYTHING!

The felt MAGIC banner and star garland was custom created by TaffieWishes on etsy. They are by far the best shop I've ever worked with on etsy! I had such an amazing experience and their products are perfect. Taffie Wishes is one of my new favorite shops on etsy. This was very exciting to receive in the mail!

Charming, handmade,
felt squares hanging from a chunky rope...

An old magic book full of charm was dusted off to use for decor...and more felt underneath with some magic glitter...

The classic Magic dessert table stayed picture perfect for 2 seconds before the happy kids filled their plates with sugar overload.

All the fun paper STUFF with more black and red candy.

Mini H2O bottles


When the guests arrived they got transformed into little magicians or magic bunnies, complete with magic glitter dust sprinkled on their heads. ;)

They also received a deck of cards and paper bags
filled with some magic love.

Name tags were pinned onto their goodie bags
with teeny tiny clothepins.

We had a magic show stage set up for some TRICKY STUFF.
The book is a gift for Titus.
I often use gifts as props and decor.

We gave Titus a super silky magician's cape that is reversible. I ordered it with a big number 7 on the back to have as a memory of his 7th birthday. I found it on Katie's Capes on etsy. It is perfectly made and she was my lifesaver since I don't like needles and thread. Titus had his top hat, cape, wand, and white gloves...ready for a show!

We had a surprise visit from a REAL DEAL MAGICIAN in the middle of the party! He kept the kids wide-eyed as he performed.

The real magician...

During our Magic Show, an adorable bunny mysteriously appeared out of a box with a special message for Titus...
This was my most anticipated moment of the party! With some magic chants from all the kids of hocus pocus, poof, abracadabra, and shizam , Titus' BIG birthday surprise APPEARED as part of a trick!

A bike from Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad.

We have magical moments tucked into our hearts as we celebrated LIFE.
We smiled over the 7 years that Titus has added magic to our spirits, by his innocent, calm love.

We thank God for blessing us with our youngest, and for the group of beautiful friends who celebrate with us: the next generation in this big-little thing we call life.

Our three little heartthrobs, magicians for a day,
little people for awhile longer...

A word of thanks as the day is done...
If you're still reading, you seriously rock. This was the longest post EVER. Thanks for indulging my passion. Your support is extra valuable to me.

The fine print: The government makes me say that I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own, ALWAYS.

Vendor resource list:
Taffie Wishes for the custom felt banner, garland, and cupcake toppers
Pink Pickle Studio for invitations and party printables
The Cookie Jar for custom sugar cookies
Katie's Capes for the custom magician's cape
Garnish for food styling supplies
The Cake Cottage for the magic cake

Be blessed,

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, you never cease to amaze me with your creative children's parties! This is just the bee's knees. I would love to attend something like this as an adult! You really are making some amazing memories for your boys, and I know that they (and the other guests) will never forget this magical event.

How neat that you parlayed your fascination with your father's magic tricks from your own childhood into a whimsical party for theirs.

I loved all the details, too. Great job!


Sheila :-)

Jenny said...

pulllleeezze....PULLLLEEEEZZZZZE can I come to your next party.

You are a wonder!

The absolute best and most clever and creative party planner I have ever seen!


Ronda Batchelor said...

You have the absolute cutest parties. Good job.

ShanaM said...

Cool party!!

Jane said...

Your creativity amazes me, Lisa! I do hope you are putting all your ideas (and photos) into a book. This party must have been "magical" for Titus and his friends. Thanks for listing all your sources. (Now all I need are grandkids so I can prepare these parties for them.)

Jane (artfully graced)

ps The s'mores bar idea was a HUGE hit at my friend's wedding rehearsal dinner. Everyone really got into the spirit of the dinner/cookout when the marshmallows appeared. Thanks for the idea!

gv said...

OMG! I love when you post about your parties. Did I miss a link in the post with a recipe for the homemade Oreos and Twinkies? Happy birthday Titus!

caveman said...

This post is as much fan as the party! I am still smiling. There were so many things to love. I am not even sure where to start. First off, the picture of the cards with Titus on the back is very cool. Next I came to your homemade oreos. I almost cried at that part. Then as you started to point out some of your dearly loved etsy vendors, I started smiling again. I hope each of them know how much they are appreciated and how excited you get whenever one of their packages comes in the mail. If I had to pick a favorite thing you got from them, it would be Ti's cape. I love that he has worn it every day since his birthday. And judging by the stream of daily mini-magic shows hosted by the boys lately, I would say this party made a lasting impression!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING! You thought of every single tiny detail and made it perfect. And a magic theme is just so perfect for a 7 year old. I am insanely jealous of your party planning skills - and I'm bookmarking all your suppliers for my own future parties.

Angell said...

Wow!! How cool!

I featured it in my birthday section of my Celebrations and Holidays blog:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
WOW. What a great party. Thank you for making us a part of your special day.
Ira & Lisa
The Cookie Jar
P.S. My mouth was watering for your homemade Oreos!

Anonymous said...

This is really fabulous.I wish I was invited...I saw your blog while browsing.I am your newest follower. Marelie

Kirstin said...

WOW...yummy!!! how fun!!

Shelley said...

Such a cute party! Great job!


Renée said...

Found you through Kara's Party Ideas. I too am doing a magic-themed party, in 10 days!

I am also planning on making the pretzel stick magic wands. So far, having trouble finding the pretzel sticks, though!

Great job!!

Allison said...

That is one of the best birthday party ideas I have ever seen. I loved all of it.

Faded Plains said...

I know I tell you with every party your throw...but you are simply amazing. Your kids will have so many wonderful memories because of you.

Events DEE-signed said...

Great magic party ideas!! Thank for sharing them.

AJSnow said...

absolutely amazing! how fun!

Alexis said...

Are you kidding me?! Amazing party!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

What a GREAT party! My mouth is watering looking at all of this deliciousness.

Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

Perfect in every way! I will have to say my favorite was the dessert table (everything I can't have :) ) and the paper balls for decor. Love them, love them and even better they store well because I don't want stuff! Where do you store everything?

Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

How amazing! You really outdid yourself, that looks like so much fun!

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

What a lovely party! My favorite part is the message you pass on to savor every day and make magic as much as you can. I do believe in magic!
Great post!
Amy said...

WOW! This is my 1st visit and may I just say...."YOU ARE OFF THE CHARTS" with this cool party :) I don't know what I liked best ~ the invite, the food with all the great labels, the decor or all the cute stuff that outfitted the kids! I love decorating and getting creative for my kids bdays...they're 10 and 12 now. Your sons are very lucky boys to have a mom who puts so much thought and effort into their special days.

Holly Lefevre said...

You have done it again! What an amazing and magical birthday party. There are so many things I love...the quote - I think I am painting that on a sign (I need a reminder) the food, the paper lanterns (where did you get those - gorgeous!) and then transforming into a bunny or magician - fabulous! I shared this on FB and stumbling it!

Anonymous said...

Ah-MAZE-zeeng !
I could make those donuts and Oreo cookies disappear if you provide one glass of milk !
Love theme parties and this one looks like it was a huge magical hit.

Miller Racing Family said...

Amazing to say the least. I love the magic wands and the bunny/hat cookies. You did a fabulous job. The little photos of Titus and the cap are so cute.

Valencia C. said...

wow. you did such a great job! :)

Amanda said...

Seriously AMAZING Wow bookmarked...def.

Unknown said...

WoW! You really did go all out! What a lucky little boy! I just love his name too.

I'm about to check out the recipe for the oreos. We love them around here.

Found you through Flamingo Toes Think Pink Sunday.

Kathleen said...

What a great idea for a party! So many creative touches, just wonderful!
Here from Seasonal Sunday

Holiday Snob said...

Love this! Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello, and since I just loved another post that I linked on from a different party, we're your newest followers! Hope you'll check us out!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

If you lived near me, I would beg you to let me hire you as a party planner!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Wow! You guys always have the best parties! Can I come live at your house? lol. Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites.

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

wow, what a cool party! so many pretty decorations. looks like you had fun. Came over from Between Naps on the porch.

Jenn Erickson said...

What an incredible party! So beautiful in every detail. Wow! Truly, truly magical and sure to be memorable for all who attended. said...

I love how you hone your party planning style more and more with each and every event! This party was *magical* form start to finish - love the magic cape and the dessert buffet...everything looks scrumptious!

Another marvelous job (*high five!*) Your family is so lucky to have you!!

Oh and happy belated birthday to Titus!!!!!!


Sweetened by Kagi said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the party that you put together- how special! I bet Titus LOVED it :)

Angie - Big Bears Wife said...

what a great Hocus Pocus party! I love the red and black candies and water bottles. and the rabbit in the hat cookies are super cute!

Kristin said...

Really nice party! Love your dessert table. I know you were tired after this one!

Unknown said...

just fantastic! I love all the detail (& homemade!) you put into it! The activities and favors are fantastic too! great fun!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Read the whole thing!! Seriously, you did an amazing job!

Unknown said...


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Lisa - This is such an adorable theme. Love all the details - you did not miss a thing - what a wonderful party! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this {sunday}. Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

KimMalk said...

Lisa, you are the best party girl around! I love how everything is so centered on the theme, it must take so long to put these events, yes, events, together! The photos of your son are adorable. Hey, I <3 how you used those paper lanterns and was just eying some at Oriental Trading wondering if I could use them for my daughter's upcoming wedding--as well as some ribbon usage. I'll have to see what else I can find here. Hugs, Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa I am in AWE!!! The photos of the food actually made me hungry, and I got so excited for Titus when the bike appeared! You are AMAZING... it speaks volumes that I could be so enthralled with your photos and words, and I can only imagine how magical the party was in person!!

Craft That Party said...

WOW. beautiful, there are so many amazing details to look at that I think I'll have to come back everyday and soak it in for awhile :)

sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sara said...

amazing! love these ideas! i'm impressed with how you poured yourself into this! it's awesome. I apologize if this answer is listed somewhere, but i searched and didn't find! Wondering where you got those paper lanterns from? so in love with those.


Michelle said...

What a great party! Not sure how I missed this earlier but so happy for you that you were featured.

Unknown said...

Where are the accordian lanterns from? I'm having a hard time finding any other colors besides light pink, blue, green, and purple. Thanks!

Josh said...

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Joanne Kennedy said...

What a fun party and great decorations. That cake is darling. I love Susan's cakes. Plus she is so nice...and funny. Love her.

Snakeman said...

Those decorations were awesome!
We saw similar decorations for a kids birthday reptile party last week and also got a load of great photos.
I think themed parties work well in this age where after a while most parties develop a certain sameness about them.
All the best

Katie said...

Hey Lisa it's Katie -- just wanted you to know I moved to instead of Etsy! After I closed up in March though, we re-opened (a few months back) at I am still getting requests for this cape too!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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