Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hurry UP and Grow UP

As kids a lot of us wish we could hurry up and be a "grown up". For me I couldn't wait to make my own decisions in all the little things and big things too. Our middle son Kotah, is just like I was!

The Christian school our boys attend arranges a SPECIAL DAY at the end of each school year called "Student Teacher Day". The teachers and students vote and nominate 2 kids in each class to be the teacher for the day. This is such an awesome concept the school created. Not only does it recognize students for a job well done, but it also gives a lesson in learning adult responsibilities. Life Academy does an amazing job rewarding students in special ways throughout the year.

Last year, BOTH Titus and Skyler were chosen for each of their classes as STUDENT TEACHERS and they soaked up their moments to shine. You can read about my excitement over the experience here. But this year, Dakotah had his chance to be a grown up! Students are voted based on grades and behavior. We are so HAPPY about this FUN news for our little man!

He was voted in as MR. MOORE for the school day!

He studied his lesson plans the night before.
I woke up that morning to find him like this...
yes, he arranged his own "grown up teacher clothes" for the day.
I have no idea how long he was out here...

Needless to say, I don't think he got much sleep.
So like a lot of grown ups,
we started his day out with a couple sips of coffee.
He was the man.

Wearing a tie just like Daddy...
taking this all so seriously..

He arrived at school to find his desk set in front of the class,
complete with a shiny apple!

He got to teach both a phonics and a math lesson.
However, I believe he was most excited to
put students in TIME OUT.

Once in awhile, it is so important to kneel down eye to eye with our kids, show some mutual human respect, and give them responsibilities that otherwise we would think would be TOO BIG for "just kids" to capably handle.

I am ALWAYS shocked and surprised at what young children can accomplish when we allow them that opportunity. These quick minutes that we hand them responsibility are simply moments for them to dip their little toes into the water of adulthood, swirl around, then shake the water from their feet as they run off and be kids again. However, those brief moments that we trust our kids to do adult things will imprint lessons for life and will swell their little hearts with the happiness of knowing they have their mama and daddy's approval.

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Judy@cutest-little-things.blogspot.com said...

What an amazing and exciting opportunity! And how special that you were able to capture it all! No wonder you're so proud of your little man!


Kate said...

What a blessing to read your post this morning. This is something to really treasure as parents when we see such opportunities for our children as such. Job well done to Mom and Dad!!! Your children are so precious Lisa!!

Have a wonderful day!!
Love Kate

Jane said...

How adorable! Loved his "teacher" clothes...

Jane (artfully graced)

caveman said...

Good Job Dakotah!

He really earned it this year, didn't he? I love that his hard work paid off for him. Each picture kept me smiling ear to ear! He really thrives when responsibility is assigned to him. Out of all our sons, he enjoys the adult role most. Thank you for keeping our memories solidified here for us Lissy!

Becca said...

I LOVE that picture of him sleeping next to his clothes. The socks and shoes made me smile. What a cutie!

laterg8r said...

that picture of him next to his clothes is priceless :D

Nancy said...

That is such a neat thing for the school to do. It's so cute how excited he was! I'm sure he did such an awesome job!

Janine said...

So precious! You can see the pride and how seriously he took the responsibility. Love the photos. Miss you guys!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, I always, ALWAYS love to read about what you are doing with the boys. I'm so happy for Kotah that he got this chance to shine, and that picture of him with his clothes out is the sweetest thing ever!

My heart goes back to the days when one of my very closest friends was raising two young boys on her own, and they were blonde and cute just like yours. This made my heart swell with joy that you are such a good mom!

Sending you big hugs today and always.


Sheila :-)

P.S. If you get a chance, come on over and wish Mr. Magpie a happy birthday. He's getting OLD. Just don't tell him I said it! ;-)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is the cutest thing ever!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, thanks for the birthday wishes for my older than dirt husband. He's old only until July when I'm the same age, and then he's YOUNG!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

And Happy Memorial Day!!!

sarahgrace said...

What a cutie! That pic of him asleep on the floor next to his "teacher" clothes is priceless! Very cool, and a great idea! (And a very happy summer to you!)

Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

OH MY!!! LOL I can't believe you captured that picture of him asleep next to his outfit...to funny!! I want to squeeze him. I can't stop smiling thinking about his day!

Kelly Miller said...

What a bittersweet combination of kid and grown up. I try to show my big boy that I trust and respect him, but at the same time, I want him to be my sweet cuddlebug forever.

Also, I am a little in love with their school for having such a wonderful day for the kids.

DeeAnna said...

I love this idea! Tell Mr. Moore he looks so handsome!

Anonymous said...

i just cant get enough of that pic of him curled up next to his laid out of outfit! are you kidding me!?!?

LillyB said...

Fantastic idea and a great experience for Mr. Moore! I know you were so proud!! This was a great post!!Life is good!!