Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma's Day

Sugar, Sugar...
wishing all you SWEET mommas a sparkly day!
Check out these divine cupcakes that we devoured today from Cold Stone Creamery!

Traditionally we honor Mothers on this Sunday in May. But this morning I started thinking of Mother's Day from a different angle...I began to dwell on where I am RIGHT NOW.

What is my family honoring me for today?
Am I deserving of it?...really?

How well do I actually exercise mothering skills?

What areas am I excelling in?

Can my boys FEEL my love?

What areas need improvement?

After sifting through these thoughts I realized that Mother's Day is also an excellent day
quietly reflect on the job we're doing as moms as we raise up children to be solid strong men and women of God. It is the ideal day to evaluate where we stand and what areas need work. So much time is spent fluttering around from task to task, event to event, that we never grab the still moments and critique ourselves to make sure we are providing exactly what our children need at this moment in their lives. So I encourage each mom to take this Mother's Day and choose a few things that you can work on to help build your childrens' character. You are given a tremendous gift when you receive the title MOM. Now use it wisely and always respect that responsibility that God has given to you.

Bonus pic...we went on a hike at the base of the Monument today. This activity was chosen by my mom who is, and always has been, an incredible example as a mom!


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caveman said...

Happy Mothers Day BlueEyes. Thank you for my beautiful boys. They are who they are today, because of you!

Dorey said...

This is so sweet. I like your writing style. =) And those cold stone cupcakes look reaaally good. =)