Thursday, May 7, 2009

Suggestions S'il te plaît

Suggestions Please

As I said, here is the post of my Pier 1 finds that I was so excited about. They are charming little jars to go on my kitchen counter. They fit my decorating style perfectly!! I would like some feedback though. I'm not going to store the things that are labeled on them. I already have a satisfactory Tupperware storage system for my baking goods like flour and sugar.

What useful items I can store in these jars? I always like to make my decor serve a useful purpose if possible. I would be interested to hear your clever ideas on what I can keep in these romantic-looking kitchen jars.
Thank You. xo


Nancy said...

You are going to think this is so gross, but I got some cute containers to put my flour and sugar in from Pottery Barn, and they have these cute little wooden spoons that hang from the side, well...the other day I caught my cat up on the counter licking the sugar spoon to pieces! : P You are a cute decorator!

Dorey said...

VERY cute! I love pretty things with a dual purpose. =) I have a few jars in my kitchen and I store scentsy refills {flameless candle refills}, chocolate chips, cookie cutters, Kool-aid packets, cake decorating stuff and even one with plastic grocery bags {but my lids aren't clear}. Whatever you do it will be cute. =)

Anonymous said...

i love the cat licking story above! lol.

and Dorey had a lot of ideas too! little things that need a place.

and they are cute! i love finds like this, dont you?

lisa, do you have Home Goods near you? have you ever neen to one?

MyMebashelby said...

Lisa, I too have a pretty set of canisters that I do not use for their "intended Purpose" I use my medium size on as a utensil caddy so my spatulas are next to the stove and ready at a moments notice if I need to quickly grab one!