Sunday, May 17, 2009


Our 9th Anniversary was last week. Although I thrive on over-indulgent gifts, tossing green bills to the wind... all for an obnoxiously-sized gift of flowers, I knew I wasn't getting that this year! Somehow we must have habitually thrown all too many Benjamins to the wind as there were none left to indulge in for our anniversary this year. ;)

Well, my incredible husband instead got me A DOZEN FILE CARDS. Uhh...ummm...((choke, cough, mutter, shock))...err..."thanks babe". Let me explain and then it will all make sense how a dozen file cards captured my heart more than a dozen roses, or a dozen chocolates lined perfectly in a box.

The last couple of years Chris started a tradition of giving me a promise on our anniversary. The first time he did this I thought it sounded like a nice idea but simply impossible to keep his promise. He proved me wrong! After each promise made, he fully committed himself to holding fast to it and he never once has gone back on those 2 promises. Every time I think about it I am amazed. I pinch myself to find its really true that he could love me so much to make me promises that he has to consciously be aware of and put 100% of his energy into keeping them. He makes me feel extra loved with those precious promises and I am grateful.

Lately I felt as if Chris wasn't listening to my WORDS. I guess that is what motivated him to make this new promise to me this year. He told me that he wanted to hear every word I said and that he is "REALLY HEARING" everything I said. He promised to make an effort to pay attention and absorb what is said during our conversations. He let me know about this promise by placing a dozen file cards the morning of our anniversary right in my path as I got ready for the day. I found all of them before heading out for the day because he left them in all areas that I would pass as I prepared for the day. See for yourself! :)

The Purse
Kids' lunchboxes
The makeup bag
The Shower

The Coffee Pot
The Yukon

PS...We did get to indulge in some Italian goodness for our dinner date, Delish!


Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow -nine years went by fast! I still remember seeing you at Wahweap in your pretty wedding dress! You were a beautiful bride! That is the sweetest gesture! I'm glad Chris is so good to you!

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary! Has it really been 9 years already??? I love the promise idea. Make sure you hang onto those cards just in case there is ever a slip-up. ;)

Dorey said...

How cute is that! =)