Thursday, July 16, 2015

Catching Up Part 2: Springtime Vacations, Races, and Competitions

This is part TWO of a THREE part blog series.  
See part ONE here
and part THREE here

recently explained my new blogging situation.  You can find me Instagram all the time though!

Doing push ups to the TOP!
More on this story at the bottom of this blog post...

We kicked off our spring with a trip to Denver for Cameron's robotic competition.  Cameron joined an intense robotic class this last school year.  His team designed and built a robot for a national robot show and competition.   These kids work hard!  I'm amazed at what they're able to accomplish, it makes my brain hurt!

While in Denver, we did some shopping.  My littles are a product of today. ;)

We also met up with my friend, Brandi, for a good workout at beautiful Red Rocks!

We ran 6 miles up, down, and all around this incredible outdoor theater!

Chris, Basil, and the boys discovered all the stairs too. ;)

Titus and I did push ups to the TOP!

The spring sunshine was just TOO beautiful so we had to add in a little hike before we drove home.

 Chris and I got away for a "just us" trip to Atlanta, Georgia, for a few days this spring.  The boys happily stayed with my parents. 

Hello city hotel.

The hottest businessman on the block.

 Chris had a lot of business to take care of while there so I snuck away for tourist fun!

I  toured the Cocoa Cola museum.  
Because I'm a coke girl. 
For sure.

 I have a goal to run everywhere I go.  
Downtown Atlanta has a lot of heart and running these streets breathed life into me.

I ran past the CNN headquarters!

We HAD to try some classic fried chicken while down South.

This restaurant had an all-you-can-eat PIE bar.

Put a fork in it, we're done.

We also met up with some friends while in Atlanta.  
We all (minus Chris) went to the giant Aquarium and saw fascinating dolphins! 

Then dinner!

Jeni's Ice Cream for dessert.  
This place has been on my foodie bucket list forever! 
 I was extra excited to lick up a scoop. ;) 

Before flying home, Chris had more business to handle.  
He drove us on a lonnnng road trip all over West Virginia, Georgia, 
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia! 

Drive, drive, drive!

We made Sharpie tattoo art on our flight home.  
It was super fun to get some time with my favorite.  

 My LAST springtime adventure was a girl's trip to Boulder, Colorado, for the Boulder-Boulder 10k running race!

 This particular race is just SO.MUCH. FUN.  Sign me up every year! It's one giant AM block party!  I absolutely loved every second of this.  I wish I was running it again right now!  I experienced this race with my two best friends, Brandi and Kristen!  These girls delight my spirit.

Start line!

Finish Line!

They were passing out cupcakes DURING the race!  
How did two of my favorite things, randomly, happen at once?!

Boulder, Boulder 2015!!

We snagged a short hike on the way home. 
 Colorado is truly glorious! 

Step outside and embrace the beauty 
of our great big beautiful world!

This is part TWO of a THREE part blog series.  
See part ONE here
and part THREE here


caveman said...

First of all, why didn't you include the time in that photo collage documenting your run in Atlanta? You are FAST! Secondly, I think I'm going to have your sharpie art made permanent. You know, kind of an "us" thing.

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