Wednesday, May 14, 2014

? Is it a BOY or GIRL ? Reveal Party Time, a Bit of Classic Twist on a Current Trend

Gender Reveal parties are filled with question and wonder.  The high anticipation brings an excited energy to the party!  I styled one of these fun events recently for some good friends of ours.  I was given a sealed envelope, straight from the doctor's office, holding the secret to the baby's sex.  Gosh, I love secrets! No other party guests knew, not even the mama and daddy to be.

I have a secret that no one knows...

Let's do this!

I wanted to keep the color theme the classic boy blue and girl pink.  The new mama's favorite colors are black and white so I added those into the mix too.  This party style was just a hint of classic mixed with modern black and white.

For the dessert table I made homemade Oreos because that is a favorite cookie of the new daddy! I also made M&M cookies, coordinating the party colors into the cookies.

I used a variety of pink, blue, black, and white treats on the table too. 
 I wanted to incorporate the "classic" tried and true candies to follow the classic theme...
salt water taffy, jelly beans, licorice, and lollipops.  

SO in love with these homemade black heart lollipops from etsy!

The gorgeous cake was made from our local cake shop, The Cake Cottage.  
I have used The Cake Cottage for MANY of my events and they always exceed my expectations. In fact, the bomb cake I ordered from them a few years ago went viral on Pinterest!  They decorate beautiful cakes and they will happily work with you to create you dream cake.
Follow them on facebook here!

To maintain the classic theme, the Cake Cottage tied ribbon around each cake tier.

I used this adorable paper heart garland from Sweet Kaity Shop on etsy.  Sweet Kaity has an absolutely perfect selection of retro and classic party supplies.  Her products give the perfect handmade look to parties!  I am in love. 

The best party decor is ALWAYS real flowers, OH yes! 
...fresh blue and pink hydrangeas in super tall black vases.  

For the backdrop I ordered a huge poster size picture of our party stars, Nick and Tani.  I decorated it with the fun paper fan trend.  These paper fans add such a pretty and playful element to parties!  I ordered these from KaLice Events.  These versatile black and white fans from KaLice have been featured on HWTM and many other party places.  KaLice Events is extra pleasant to work with and they will happily work with you on fulfilling your personalized party needs.  I will be using these fans again and again, so watch out! ;)

 I usually just tie up the edges of tablecloths with big ribbon.

We ordered pizza for the main meal and I made some tasty Italian side dishes.  The pizza buffet table was actually my favorite part about this party!

 I wanted to dress up the pizza so I used our collection of white Rosanna pedestals.

Pizza on a pedestal. 

These super cute kids cups are also from Sweet Kaity, the shop I shared about above.  To see more of Sweet Kaity's fun stuff, check out my Valentine's blog post.   These cups were ideal for this party, adding to our classic look and of course complementing the blue boy/pink girl idea.  And I love the matching straws too!

Dig in!

Cutest lil party guests...

For side dishes I made a tasty Italian salad with a couple of homemade salad dressings.

I also made a hot artichoke dip and garlic bread with oils. 

For drinks I made layered punch.  
I have made a few different variations of this drink through the years. 


See here for the HOW TO.  
Other layered drinks on Moore Minutes:

Boy or Girl Layered Punch

It's a party all over this house...

Tani, the new mama, sent out cute Guns and Glitter party invites so I made an entrance sign to match.
I glittered some plastic water guns too.  But they fell apart in 2 seconds. ;)

My mom wraps beautiful pressies! 

Ok, now about the reason we are throwing a big party anyways...

what is this lil babe going to be?

Choose a team and let's tug-a-war!

Team Pink

or, Team Blue

Let's find out!   I stuffed a giant-sized QUESTION MARK piñata with all one color. Then I tied a bundle of different ribbons on the end.   Nick and Tani would pull the ribbon to see either blue or pink!

What is in here?




It's raining BLUE.  
Let's paint this place BLUE.


I think they still are finding blue confetti in their home sweet home.

The treats I stuffed the piñata with:

a blue sugar powder candy bottle
blue bubble gum
confetti stars
paper accordion confetti 
blue mints
blue crunch bars
blue hershey kisses
blue bouncy balls
blue glow sticks

The kids dug through the piñata goodies and stuffed their pockets with treasures.  The rest of the night was spent celebrating BOY style, with blue glow stick bracelets on!

Nick and Tani, are you ready for this??

Please put down the sugar.

Nick and Tani are living in such a blessed season of life, 
binding together, building a family, 
with a foundation of strength and resilient love. 
 It is a beautiful thing to watch a storybook unfold.  
This is life,
 life well lived.

We love you guys!

Tiered Ribbon Cake from Cake Cottage
Custom made Piñata from AbitaAchie
Classic Party decor: kids cups, heart garland, and more from Sweet Kaity Shop
Black and White party paper fans from KaLice Events
Pizza from Pizza Hut
Custom lollipops from Vintage Confections

*The government makes me say that I was compensated for this blog post.  However, all thoughts and ideas are my own and always will be.

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Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa, what a fun party!!! I bet that was a blast creating! Right now all I can think about is how yummy your salad looked. It reminded me of the bottomless salads at Stromboli's!!! Remember those?! - Dori -

caveman said...

So many reasons to smile in this post. I like how you used Tani's colors, along with the pick and blue. It was classy and fun all at the same time. But my favorite picture is the one at the bottom of Nick and Tani. Truly a beautiful moment.

Jane said...

What a fun party you created! I love the idea of a reveal party...but, alas, I have not been able to create one. YET! If (when) the time comes, I'll be using many of your ideas.

The boys are getting so big!!!

Katie said...

We just saw this post and congrats on your baby boy!! We are so glad that you love our handmade rosettes. By the way, love your blog!!