Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gateway Canyon Thanksgiving Getaway, Story in Pictures

We've started a "newish" Thanksgiving tradition to sneak off on peaceful getaways.  No aprons or dishes or shining the floors. This homemaker checks out! ;)

  Last year we visited Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, Utah.   These late fall escapes have been so refreshing for our spirits.  I'm all about tradition and holidays but I'm also all about slowing down and finding quiet.  The first time we vacationed for Thanksgiving was a couple of years ago to Gateway Canyons, Colorado.  To this day, it was one of our family's FAVORITE trips and experiences we've ever done together!  It was truly perfect in every way.  This year, we wanted to experience it all over again.  My parents and brother joined us for a big family Thanksgiving getaway.

I've said before...Gateway is a secret whisper, tucked into a quiet canyon, full of majesty and oozing with PEACE!

Gateway Canyons is glorious.  It celebrates the natural beauty of the solitary outdoors.  Gateway is a unique resort found in the middle of mighty red canyons, with views of majestic Colorado mountains.

Gateway embraces peace, giving us time to connect to each other and to find our center.  We race circles in the everyday life, so making time to escape for a weekend stretch nourishes our souls.

Our rooms were spacious yet cozy!  We were so excited to snuggle up by the fire after playing in the jacuzzi.

Private hot tubs at each room!

Midafternoon on Thanksgiving Day, we all bundled up and walked our hungry tummies down to the big buffet feast. 

my brother, parents, and Chris

Mmmmm, line up!
Turkey, ham, chicken, and roast beef

The most adorable thing about this buffet is the special kids' buffet line.  Silver platter chicken strips, mac & cheese, and corn dogs, RIGHT at a child's level.  Super cute!

Happy Thanksgiving,
let's dig in!

"Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let this food to Thee be blessed."

The hot chocolate with swirls of whipped cream was our favorite part.


After our giant meal, we went on a short hike in the beautiful outside! We spent time exploring and walking on the property trails.

Blurred turkey speedwalk...

We also did some fireplace hanging...

And some tree climbing...
Can you spy three lil boys?

During our stay we toured the amazing car museum, which is so pristine and beautiful.

After dark...
we made ourselves at home in the big gameroom.

We had a cozy late night in our room
 doing our traditional Thanksgiving gift game (see past Thanksgiving posts)
and just being together.

photo via @mooreminutes instagram

And our private room hot tub was JUST RIGHT in the cold early mornings...

Rise n''s mornin' time!

Breakfast at Gateway

Some vacations allow us to slow down,
leaving our souls wide open.  
Ready to just be.

Family Pictures 2013!

I am in love with my family! They have my hearts, for always.

It was always you...

The guys,
the ones who make this life possible for us,
thank you.


The girls,
the ones who bring the extra bit of
 comfy and pretty to it all.

Happy Thanksgivings
are stopping to connect with family
savoring every single bite of good food,
capturing each beautiful sight,

reflecting on our blessings...
as we really-truly allow ourselves to feel blessed.
Because it is a beautiful life if we are grateful within.

If you are in need of a dreamy place to get away and vacation tp, this may be the place for you, Gateway Canyons!

Moore Thanksgiving Getaways

*The government makes me say that I was compensated for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be.

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