Monday, July 1, 2013

Documenting our Days and Creating Summer Fun for Kids 2013

I love to document thoughts, memories, and ideas.  That is why this whole blogging thing is such a passion of mine!  When I was growing up, I made SUMMER JOURNALS, recording my favorite moments of my childhood summer days.

These are a couple of my summer journals that I made when I was a little girl:

Apparently, I've been "blogging" since 1989!  
Here is a tutorial I drew when I was 7 years old
 showing how to make pom pom ball faces lol.

Every summer I plan a line up of classic summer fun to sprinkle into our hot days.  Each year the plan is a bit different.  On the blog I've shared our Summer Fun & Gratitude Bucket, Family Library with Surprise Cups, and the Summer Sticker Reward System.

This year, I wanted to keep it nostalgic and basic, so we are doing simple SUMMER JOURNALS for our summer events plan.  We've done SUMMER JOURNALS in previous years too!

We rode scooters out to our park and I presented their new journals and explained the PLAN.

The boys are getting older, so I wanted them to be more interactive and have an influence in what we planned for this summer, instead of being surprised as I typically do for them.  It's important for them to feel that they have a voice and that their input matters.

Because of that, the first blank page of their journals was just labeled IDEAS, a blank white space for them to brainstorm and jot down all their creative ideas they wanted to do this summer!

It was entertaining to my heart to read their ideas:  "Go on a world tour" to "relax on a long-sih trip".  Their writing makes me smile.

They found a square patch of shade in the hot sun to think of ideas...

And they started scribbling down their wishes.

I wrote each of them a quick note on the inside page of their journals.

On random pages, scattered throughout, 
I taped in special notes 
from me 
to them. 

I also jotted a few things on other blank pages throughout their journals:

This first one is a special day for each of them.  I believe reserving planned ONE ON ONE time is so important to growing healthy relationships with anyone.  Planning moments with each of my boys, individually, is something we all look forward to!  I call them Mom and Me days.  Chris has a tradition of taking them on ONE ON ONE summer camp trips too

On this page, they jot down what they hope to do on their special day!

On, the last page of the journals, I outlined a game of Hangman, which will reveal our big Grand Finale Trip of the summer 2013!  They beg for a letter every morning. ;)

When their undivided attention expired, they ditched the journals and monkeyed around on the playground.  We have our arms wide open to this SUMMER 2013!!

In the end, 
it's all about never taking for granted the beautiful moments 
we've been gifted with.

  So, we embrace the minutes, 
live in excitement, 
and always keep our hearts grateful. 

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Kim @ Plumberry Pie said...

Great idea! I want to do this with my kids. I'm afraid we'll start out strong and it will fall by the wayside. we're good like that.;) But worth a shot! Love the idea!

caveman said...

I love how you take time to focus on relationships and individual people, including me. Our boys love it too. For the record, I second the idea for "Go on a world tour" Also, LOVE how you captured Titus "owling" bearfoot. That is so him!

Sunshine said...

I love all you are doing with the boys. Your love is poured all over their hearts - all the time! No wonder they are so loving in return. I'm also go grateful for the consistent journal writing you did as you were growing up. Now we have memories forever!
Mom :)

Kimberly said...

what a great idea. my kids have to do summer memory boxes for school. I would love to have the kids do more journal writing. We do it on vacation but we really should do it throughout the whole summer.

b. said...

That's the cutest picture of all three of them pondering in their journals. This is a sweet post.. Love how special it is! What's the big trip!!!??

b. said...

That's the cutest picture of all three of them pondering in their journals. This is a sweet post.. Love how special it is! What's the big trip!!!??

Julie O said...

The journal in brown pencil... gorgeous cursive!!

Rita said...

Such a sweet idea! They will sure look back and remember their wonderful times. If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party:

Anna - Krulik said...

Great! I love it! I will make for my kids :)