Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf-Made Stocking Gift Ideas and Striped Jammies for Christmas Eve

For stockings I like to stay far away from all things commercialized and focus on the beauty of handmade goodness.  I feel it adds more magic to a clumpy, overfilled stocking when the gifts within look as if they've been carefully made my little elves in long shoes with tall hats instead of picked up off a store shelf. 

Here are some ideas!

Santa left these beautiful wooden Japanese spin tops in our boys' stockings last year.  
They provided the magic of being carefully crafted by little elves.

found at Spartan Shop

These adorable Hot Wheel roll ups also made it into the 2 younger boys stockings last year.  They're a fun and easy way to transport Hot Wheels when little ones need to ever-so-patiently wait for their Mama when out running errands.  

Once again, they have that special hand made by elves look! 

On a couple occasion, Santa has left wooden whistles in the boys' stockings.  When we lived up in the mountains, Santa brought bark covered wooden whistles.  The boys also have wooden whistles from another Christmas, like the one pictured below. 

You can find these whistles at a lot of tourist-type gift shops while on vacation. 

photo source (but not where we found ours)

Santa is also leaving critter felt ornaments!  Again, magically made by lil elves.  ;) 

Other ELF MADE stocking stuffer ideas:

- Remember the wooden tree swing we gave the boys to celebrate a classic summer?  That company also sells adorable make your own toy kits.

- and wooden toys, like slingshots

- marbles (remove wrapping and tie up in a canvas bag)

- for stocking candy, visit a candy store for vintage type candy. Salt water taffy is a great choice!

- check local craft fairs and etsy of course!

My two older boys have intricately handmade stockings.  They are one of my favorite possessions.  I treasure them.  They are accompanied by a beautiful story so every time I pull them out of the Christmas decor box, my heart overflows.  To read about that story see post here:  The Stockings of Kindess.

Next up...Christmas Eve Traditions!

We have many holiday traditions in our home, many.  Giving the boys stuffed animals and pajamas on the Night Before Christmas is one of them.  You do that too, right?  ;) 

Making the animals extra special for an extra special night pumps up the magic.  Here are some ideas for stuffed animal gifts:

1) Strings Attached Gift
 This year we are giving Beanie Ballz and I am wrapping them up like a giant ornament.  We will make a game out of it.  I'll tie a long piece of yarn to the gift and hide it, stringing the yarn in a maze with a nametag on the end of the yarn.  It's a gift "with strings attached".  On the big ready.set.go. the boys will find the string of yarn with their names and weave around until they find the other side with the wrapped ball gift to open.  

2) Adding Knits to Stuffed Animals
 Last year my Mom knit tiny scarves to little penguins.

Another year, I made little "pet kits".  I bought some lined baskets on clearance at Michaels.  I also bought little plastic dog dishes.  I made round, foam name tags, named each dog, and also added their pet's name to each dish.  

Next, all about the cozy soft jammies!
I think striped jammies on Christmas Eve are perfect! 

Other striped jammies I adore:

Polarn O. Pyret has everything cute and striped

Sometimes J Crew has cute striped jammies for kids too!  

I really ( a lot!!) wanted to get these slippers for my kids but they don't sell the right sizes.  I am crazy over them.  And paired with striped long johns would be simply Christmas-y.  

More holiday prep fun stuff coming up tomorrow!  

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Deena Sorensen said...

Thank you for sharing your family traditions with us. We too always received jammies on Christmas Eve growing up, along with a book. Now my children do...

Jenny said...

Aw. Love your ideas as always!

Those are yummy slippers! I think my dog would attack them, though...ha!

Peggy said...

Thanks for sharing! My little man has the PB slippers in red - now for the striped Jammies!

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