Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IIt's a SPARKLY MESS, our home: the way it really is

Recently I was interviewed and during the conversation I was asked what my can't-live-without tool is for blogging, doing projects, and parties. My instant answer was jute twine. Yes, twine. I have too much of that stuff and I use in on every single party I host! However, a couple days later I thought of another tool that I use so often: the photo editing CROP option. Oh my, I use that all the time, more than I use twine! ;)

As I stared at my ceiling in bed that night I felt compelled to share more about this tool with YOU, my friends and readers. I thrive on perfectly pretty things. I love being able to inspire people. I love being inspired too. I curl up like a sweet roll on the couch and delve into the world wide web and absorb every single photo that I find beautiful! Those photos excite me and energize me.

I think I'll make something pretty today...

Because of this passion, I share countless beautiful photos with each of YOU.
But, did you know that each photo I use is edited and cropped?

Each photo...



Made more beautiful.

Yes, I create beautiful things. And of course I like to take pictures and share them because my passion is all about inspiring and being inspired,'s not all beautiful all of the time.

I edit out the laundry piles and the dust on the furniture gets blurred into the background. I need to crop out all the MESS or else the only thing anyone would feel inspired to do is RUN. Run away. ;) Mess surely doesn't excite or motivate me so it gets crop, crop, cropped out of the way!

dreaming into doing:
a home sweet home

This is the way it really is. Just normal. A normal house with clutter piles, unattended spills, housework undone, laundry and toys everywhere. Our AUTHENTIC home sweet home is simply normal surroundings with sprinkles of beautiful sparkles that I like to create for my family in the midst of real life. You get to see the sparkles, but those sparkles are always mixed in with mess.

Balloons tangled by accident...
what a beautiful mess.

For a handful of tomorrows I will be circling around my houseful of boys, exclaiming not so pretty words each time my barefoot lands on a Lego piece, chasing the dust, mastering the laundry piles, getting overly excited for upcoming parties, filling my kitchen table with my projects, pushing the paperwork aside in uneven stacks, decorating my fireplace mantel to look picture perfect, baking up delicious goodness for my loves, rushing and driving kids everywhere, designing super cool activities for my boys to enjoy, praying for forgiveness, vacuuming the floor so it will get messy with glitter again, washing dishes, and taking pictures of the beauty created in the midst of the mess!

"Party is in the next room" -Janet Hill

I get excited when I decorate, plan parties, and bake for holidays. It is my passion and love. Thank you for your support. It means the WORLD to me, truly. Cheers to many more pretty pictures!

Follow what your heart pushes you toward and be blessed,

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French Charmed ~ Chelle said...

Beautiful photos! And you have to have a home that is lived in, otherwise, it's not truly a home! :)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Loved this post. I had a friend who always had tulle in party! I should edit more of my photos. When I do a tablescape, there always seems to be something lurking in the back :) -- something unwanted, like a trashcan. Joni

caveman said...

...and guitars strewn about (you left that part out).

I like having a home that feels lived in. Even more than that, I like having a wife who "keeps it real". I think you will be surprised to find that your readers are NOT as surprised by the unedited Mooreminutes house as you might think they would be. I know from personal experience that it feels just has heavenly being there as it sounds when I read about it.

b. said...

I think if I had a family of my own and we were neighbors... We would have toooo much fun!