Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cavemen in Training: Little Boys to Macho Men CAMPOUTS

 This is a RE-POST.  This is the first time I've completely re-posted an entire blog post SO I hope it doesn't confuse you.  The original post was written HERE in 2009, as one of my first blog posts.  The only changes are some new camping photos from this year.  Chris took our youngest son, Titus, on a father/son {CAVEMAN TRAINING} campout a couple weeks ago.  I will be showing the blog RE-POST further down the page...

This concept is a little {no girl allowed} tradition that our family does.  Chris takes only one boy at a time on a short summer camping trip to teach them all the MAN SURVIVAL SKILLS.  I just double love this tradition because it has layers of values from incorporating special one on one time, to teaching our boys lifelong provider, survival, and protector skills.

The following pictures are snapshots of Chris' most recent father/son camp trip with our youngest son, Titus, a couple weeks ago. 

Early mornings in the mountains are the best times:

Learning lifelong skills like how to start a campfire:

My own caveman, and love of my life! :) 

 I guess camo can be HOT after all...

OKAY,  the following post is the RE-post:
                                                                        Chris 2008

I'm about to lift my husband up on one of those shiny tall pedestals for just a bit! Chris is an incredible Daddy! Some of my greatest joys are watching him interact with the boys. He is perfect at patiently training them and teaching them new things. It comes so naturally to him and it makes me smile from the INSIDE OUT!

A few years ago, Chris started a family tradition with the boys...a No Girls Allowed tradition. Each summer he would take ONE boy out on a Father-Son Camp out. This allowed for special one on one time with Daddy. Cameron Skyler got to go first. This year was Kotah's turn. Titus is anxious for his turn next! The purpose of the camp out is to teach them survival skills and all those macho man qualities! He has a series of things he wants to teach them and several things he already has taught my little men!

They include:
-tying knots

-starting a fire

-handling a gun safely
-setting up a tent

-filtering water

-etc etc etc

I got Chris this book The Dangerous Book for Boys for more ideas.

I appreciate his doing this because even if my boys grow up wearing Armani suits and living in the sleek city streets of America, I still want them to possess the skills to protect and care for their family if the need arose. I'm all about tough, real, macho men! I'll pass on the pansies {wink}.

Thank you Baby for raising up capable little men, I love and appreciate you so much.

Indulge in some Redneck pictures ya'll
(FYI, we're not always quite so redneck...I have to disclose this to protect my pride!)

This photo group is of Chris' trip 
with our middle son, Dakotah
in 2009

Oh wow


Kotah being himself
Titus patiently fishing
Cameron Skyler fishing 

What traditions make up the blueprint of your family? What are you doing today that can be remembered tomorrow? I'm a fan of learning, so send me your ideas!

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Emily said...

Great post! I love seeing the new pictures mixed with the old. What an awesome tradition for your boys.

Princess Kate said...

Love the father/son camp out idea. Looks like fun. We haven't camped in years due to little ones but I'm thinking a camping trip is in order soon. Thanks for sharing.

caveman said...

Being a daddy has to be the most fun job on the planet! Thank you for being the perfect companion to a man raising sons. You always seem to know when it's time to let us be boys and when it's time to be a bit more reasonable. I need you!

b. said...

I like this tradition! And.. Titus' lil chair in that photo next to Chris' cracked me up. Sooo tiny and cute!!!