Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dirt not Ruffles, Guns not Sweet Pretties...but that's OKAY

(an antique gun ammunition Remington box from the 1930s 
sitting on our fireplace hearth)

There is not much about sugar, pretties, or ruffles in this post.  I have a littleBig secret to share: we have a bit of redneck in us.  Gosh, that is hard to write. {wink}

Last month my husband, brother, and my brother's business partner competed in a long rang sniper's shooting competition. 

The event was in Park City, Utah.  I had to spend a lonnnnng day watching men in camo shoot guns.
Umm, no.  I was able to shop allll day in gorgeous Park City while the guys competed.  Happy girl.  Park City is gorgeous.  It is one of my favorite treasure spots now.  I can't wait to return.  I actually will be sharing something else exciting we got to do there in an upcoming post!

downtown city charm

I don't know much about guns (I like it that way) but I do know that they shot targets at a super, super long distance and I also know that my husband took 4th place in the competition!  That makes me one happy-giddy-proud-and all that stuff wife!  There is a lot of focus on precision, consistency, and accuracy in this sport, all of which my husband is awesome at. :) 

(Chris is on the top deck with the hat)

I really don't prefer the camouflage clothes, but I'm just a girl in a house of boys and we live in rustic Colorado, so I obviously don't have much influence.  So, here is my baby in his camo hat shooting during the competition.

This next photo shows Chris (lying down) and different ranges of their targets.  It is truly quite impressive.  Their targets are SO far away! (Click on photo to enlarge)

In this photo, my brother's business partner James in green, my brother in black, and Chris at the end in grey are ready to aim.

The boys were extra excited to hear that their Daddy won 4th place in the competition! And as you know, I was too!! Way to go Chris, We love you like crazy.

Celebrating with dinner in Park City:

Okay, a little more about the guy stuff:

My brother manufactures and designs extreme guns.  (This is the part where you run grab your husbands and show them these photos).  My brother, Kyle,  and his partner, James, are the owners of XLR Industries: Tactical Innovation Redefined.
 My brother Kyle, has been designing incredible things since he was little.  He is all about the math, the engineering, and all of that stuff.  When he was little he always said that he wanted to be an inventor when he grew up...and that is what he became! How cool is that?

Here is Chris' mighty gun, with the stock designed and manufactured by Kyle, of  XLR Industries.

We had an incredible summertime weekend experiencing life in little ways that brought big happiness.

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gv said...

You're husband is drooling! Congrats Chris.

Kelly Miller said...

Wow - way to go Chris! said...

Give up for our guys! It makes me smile to see what a great relationship you guys have and to see a wife tout her husband's gifts. So often we all tend to focus on our spouses' great to celebrate their stengths, too!

Congrats, Chris!!

caveman said...

Thank you Sweetheart. I am blessed to have a wife that supports me so perfectly.

For the record, the camo hat was not picked on purpose. (I'm not THAT much of a redneck!) It lives in my backpack for those occasions when I need an emergency sun-blocker.

I can not describe how good it feels to go do guy things, and have my girl not only support me, but cheer me on.

Deborah March said...

Hey...shootin' and shoppin...'sounds like a great time!! Must tell you a little story. MANY years ago as a young married gal, my husband went "skeet shooting." He called me just before he left to come home, told me he'd gotten twenty-six of them. Knowing NOTHING about shootin' and such, I borrowed four large pots from neighbours and put water on to boil, thinking we'd have to skin the things and cook 'em. What a DOPE! (lol)

Honey at 2805 said...

You are right..."hey, honey, come here!"

Hope you will please drop by and enter my $50 Gift Card Giveaway!! If there are 500 entries, the amount will increase the Gift Card to $100.

The Tuscan Home said...

Congrats to your hubby for taking
4th place...that's awesome! I just showed my hubby and he thought this post was great!! Guys and Guns...;)

BluBabesCreate said...

Sounds like fun! Come see some American Revolution souvenirs!

Unknown said...

Great post... nice change from "pretties" Thanks :o)

Rainey @ The Project Table

The Tablescaper said...

Well, I could do without the guns - but I like the shopping part. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. So sorry it's taken me so long to visit.

- The Tablescaper

Michelle said...

I had to show this to my hubby and he thought it was neat.