Friday, May 6, 2011

30 Things I've DONE before I'm 30 LIST: Reverse Bucket List

I turned 29 years old recently...

I've struggled with getting older since I was 21. Maybe because I feel like I've already been 30 for a decade. I was rushed right into adulthood, by my own choice, but I did manage to somehow mentally skip a decade. I was married and we bought our first home on our own by the time we were 19. I was a mom of 3 babies by the time I was 21. We were thrown into scary and fancy corporate events by the time we were 22...the list goes on. Life was a rush.

But overall, I believe I'm one of "THOSE" people who struggle with getting older because I just LOVE this little LIFE we all get to live! I want to live forever plus a day. I want life to last forever and always.

source unknown, please advise

..."wear your passion". I LOVE that! This is all absolutely TRUE.

I have always wanted to make those classic lists that share 30 things to do before turning 30. However, I'm a little late to start now. I'm 29 and this would have to be one crazy year to accomplish my overly ambitious list! {wink}

So, I want to change the list a bit to 30 THINGS I've already done BEFORE I am 30 list. I'm celebrating the years I've been blessed with and appreciating every moment as I anticipate more.

My husband refers to is as "The Reverse Bucket List"

In random order...
1. hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back in one day

2. raced mountain bikes for a team all over the west and was the state champion {booyah!}

3. water skied on national television

4. became a pregnant teenager

5. had 3 kids by the time I was 21

6. bought our first home at age 19, then bought a couple more in a few short years...

7. celebrated big career success

8. stressed over financial failures and losses

9. fell in love over and over again with the same man

10. felt agonizing heartache that broke me

11. gained weight, lost a little, and gained again

12. traveled overseas with my lover

13. been interviewed on the radio

14. took our family on a long road trip to gorgeous Alberta

15. got my belly button pierced

16. currently a housewife {redefined} ;)

17. never have seen any drugs in my life

18. worked with my husband on starting our own business

19. done motivational and "how to" public speeches

took newborn babies camping in the great big forest

21. got a tattoo

22. visited 35 states

23. stayed at an amazing health spa on Hilton Head Island for 2 weeks alone with no kids!

learned that God's mercies are new every morning as I make mistake after mistake

25. got a picture holding the Olympic torch as it passed through Utah

26. created beautiful forever little moments for my family

27. learned some tough lessons due to some of my poor character and poor choices

28. raced a Junior Dragster race car and helped my Dad with his drag racing

29. had our wedding reception on gorgeous Lake Powell

30. continued to love every minute of this life, the good and the bad

I just turned 29, so... I still have one more year before this decade is done.

source unknown, please advise


I WILL be posting 30 things I want to do after I'm 30 next year!
I have a super long list.
I'm overly ambitious
and very happy
about this little thing
we call life.

source unknown, please advise

What's your story so far?
Where has it brought you?
Where do you want to go?
This life is amazing.
Live what you love.

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Blondie's Journal said...

Lisa, this is a beautiful post. VERY inspiring! You have done more in 29 years that some people have done in 60! You have a positive way of thinking, of looking at what you have done instead of what you haven't. I really admire that.

You go girl!! And have a Happy Mother's Day!


Jane said...

Great list of achievements...even for a MUCH older person. Well done, Lisa! It will be interesting to see what you do in the next 30 years...
Jane (artfully graced)

caveman said...

Cool! This is a very fun post Lisa. So much wisdom too. And just so you know, you are the most amazing person I have ever met.

If you could add any single item to the list this year, what would it be?

Jen said...

I really liked this list, Lisa. I'm one of those who focuses too much on what i haven't done and don't pat myself on the back for the things I have experienced and learned. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing ;)

Unknown said...

happy mother's day..
u do such a great jobs and it inspire me..

with love from far,
malaysia readers

Anonymous said...

fun post! :)

Judy said...

Introspection is so ofter overlooked but so very important! Good for you! Taking stock is the best way to achieve future goals as well as refect on achievements!


Wendys Hat said...

Fun! Being spontaneous and living your dream is great!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

That's a great idea; love the idea of the "reverse" bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Love love love this post! I am so happy I found your blog! I just turned 30 this year and feel the same way you do. My hubby and I had our first son at 18 and life has been on the fast track ever since. With all the stigma out there on teen pregnancy, I'm so happy to find someone who, like me, is a responsible adult and nothing like the "Teen Mom's" on tv.
R xoxo

Anonymous said...

Very happy I found your blog! I to had my first while still very young (18 years old) and do not resemble the images played out in the media thanks to shows like "Teen Mom". I'm so happy to find someone, like myself, who had children young and is a great success! I knew there were more of us out there. xoxo R

Admin said...

Lisa I can tell You have meaningful 30 years. You make you life colorful. Starfall