Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Lessons and a Lunch of Hearts

Heart-Day lunch for the little ones...

Holidays are celebrations of life, little walks off the beaten trail of everyday living...a chance to just be and enjoy what's around us. Valentine's Day is super cute for the little ones. It's about the greatest thing that makes our world tick: l.o.v.e. ...It's about hearts and everything sweet and wholesome in between.

I like to take opportunities when they present themselves to cuddle up with my boys and softly tell them lessons of life. And Valentine's Day is one of those opportunities.

So as we cuddle close on the couch and I have all wide eyes and listening ears I share some love secrets to their willing hearts AFTER I read them some fun Valentine stories....

This is what I whispered...

"My sweet boys...when Momma and Daddy say we love you that means that YOU are made exactly how we want you and you don't need to change a thing!"

It means that we value everything that is packed into your little bodies.

It means that we want to see you shine inside and out.

It means we want to celebrate every bit of happiness you can tuck into your pocket.

It means that you delight our hearts and we simply cannot get enough of you.

So, you grow each day and relate to friends and family, love them with a wholesome heart. Because love is everything that is good. It will make your heart shine and your face happy. Love because it is so much better than being a bully! Strong men are made of steel and velvet. (I stole the steel and velvet phrase from a book title years ago and it stuck with me!).

You boys see and feel how Momma and Daddy love you and we hope you can love that way too because it is a great joy! And even if you try your best, just as Momma and Daddy do, sometimes you may not love completely and it may hurt someone. Momma and Daddy don't always love you the right way but we try...and you know what? If people know that you try your best, then that is simply good enough."

And of course after I tell them all of that, they will be fidgeting and restless little boys, ready for something more exciting...

Heart Season Lunch!

Dakotah, one of my hearthrobs,
helped me prepare this fun Valentine meal.
We made PB & J using STRAWBERRY jam to have RED for V Day!
Then we took cookie cutters to cut them into festive shapes.

The best part for the kids was NO CRUST!
And the best part for me was Dixie paper plates!

For drinks, I froze Cranberry Juice in heart-shaped trays.
I poured 7-up into glasses and used the Cranberry Juice ice cubes.
Then I dropped a bit of cherry juice into each glass.

I had some extra hearts that stood alone
for a frozen slush treat!

And here's a little Seasonal tip for the Moms after we're done taking care of our crazy little kids all day:

Buy those trial size scented lotions for holiday use. Bath and Body Works sells all sorts of scents that are seasonal. This one is called "PS I LOVE YOU" and is perfect for V Day.

Of course you can keep full size of your favorite lotions but these little seasonal ones are fun to change it up. Each season put a different one out. I LOVE the coconut scent for summertime...etc, etc.

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Miller Racing Family said...

What a sweet post. I totally agree about showing those little boys how much we love them.
I love the heart ice cubes, what a great idea. I also agree the PS I love you lotion is wonderful. I love how it smells like Roses. My favorite rose smell is the Yankee fresh cut roses candles.
Hope you are having a great day!

laterg8r said...

what a great lunch idea :D

Kathleen Grace said...

onderful celebration ideas, and I like the idea of buying the seasonal samples. I never think of that but it's a good way to try a little something new:>)

Pinky said...

Wonderful, sweet post that your boys will treasure one day. I know they will be wonderful men because you are giving them all the best you have. Happy Valentine's!!!! XO, Pinky

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what a dear, sweet post...and a beautiful family...

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, you are such a good mother! I loved reading this post...


Sheila :-)

Michelle said...

How fun! I love doing special things with the kids on holidays. The drinks look great. I will have to try them with my kids this weekend.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Jane said...

You make even an everyday PB&J a FUN experience! Memories are always in the making at your house. Sharing your love in words is so important for your boys to hear. One day, they will pass this along to their ladies and children...

Jane (artfully graced)

Clueless_Mama said...

What a sweet thing to tell your boys. You are a great mom!

Kristen Andrews said...

what a great idea, I love Valentine's Day!

Tammy @ said...

What can I say other than this is a beautiful post! Your boys are lucky to have you as their mom!

Best wishes,

Nancy Jane said...

What a wonderful idea. Looks like the boys had a grand time.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Once again, you are a great mom! Lucky boys!!!!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

What a lovely, lovely post - and such good ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with children!

Unknown said...

What a GREAT!!! idea and the heart shape ice cubes are AWESOME!!!


bj said...

What a sweet sweet post. How blessed you all are to have each other.
Love to all of you!!
xo bj

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Who can resist a title like this? A lunch of hearts! This really touched me--I have two sons.The cookies look delicious!

Lynn said...

Sweet, sweet post, Lisa. Your boys are truly blessed to have such a loving mama. And your V. Day lunch looks totally fun! Love those heart-shaped cookie cutters :)