Thursday, August 13, 2009

Magazines in My Mailbox

Sometimes I find a sweet magazine full of fun information curled up like a tight scroll inside the mailbox. I have had different subscriptions throughout the years but this is what I subscribe to currently:

There are a couple of really snazzy personal finance magazines available. I also am a fan of Kiplinger's. For personal finance, these two are loaded with info. Money is a smart choice for the average individual who wants to stay current, savvy, and informed in one's daily life. I really like Money's top picks, top 10s, and other like charts. If you want to get more analytical and more educated on finance you can't get anything better than The Wall Street Journal which my husband has subscribed to for a few years. Also try The Economist if you need to dig deeper.

Another of my subscriptions is:

This is a beautifully created magazine and each glossy page holds a treasure. The large pages and artistic photos, coupled with current stylish ideas make this magazine a KEEPER. You can feel the quality as you're flipping through it. LIFE:BEAUTIFUL is a magazine that encourages Faith and celebrates home and family. What sets this apart to me is the quality, modern trends in style and ideas, with tradition still playing center stage.

The next subscription is:

World is a news magazine straight from a Conservative and Christian perspective. What a breath of fresh air to finally read the news from a source that isn't biased in only one direction....instead, this is biased in the other direction for a change! ;) (Because we know all news is biased, right?) This is a great way to read up on current events so you can stay in the know. Another classic news magazine that I usually recommend is TIME a critical reader though.

The last current subscription that makes it's way into my mailbox is:

Oxygen is finally a women's fitness magazine that has the BEEF. It doesn't dance around health topics (like many women's fitness mags) but instead gets right to the point with direct and solid fitness advice. It gives extra boost and motivation and keeps us sharp learners with diet, exercise, and health knowledge.

AND MORE . . .
Those are my current subscriptions. There are a couple more magazines that I love!
Lucky is a fun fashion and shopping magazine and Conde Nast Traveler lets you escape to dreamland while you set goals for big vacations.

My newest subscription that I had before and am now anxiously awaiting again is Real Simple!!!


1) Socially it gives you the edge as you stay current in a variety of topics. This enables to you carry on conversations intelligently with different types of people. Conversation skills give you a boost with relationships and your professional life.

2) Relax and take a break from heavy reading. Books are always first so don't waste all of your free time with magazines, but they do have a place when you want to rest your mind a bit and do some passive reading.

3) Books give you the core and timeless knowledge you need, but magazines keep you updated and feeds you fun trivia!


1) Don't subscribe to everything in the same topic. Collect a variety of topics to stay well-rounded.

2) Don't subscribe to a LOT of magazines. What a waste. You won't get to read them all. Save the trees and simplify your life by keeping a small selection of subscriptions. Five is max...and three is best! ;)

3) Never keep magazines in the bathroom. It is tacky. Period. Even if it's just a couple in a cute wire basket...don't do it. Seeing magazines next to a toilet is poor taste and doesn't help you present a graceful home.
No no

4) Don't keep a pile of magazines fanned out on your coffee table in front of your television. Seriously. No one wants to feel like they're in a Doctor's office waiting room. It doesn't have eye appeal and it gives a cluttered impression to your home.

No no

What sweet pages get delivered to you? What are your FAVORITE magazines...why?


caveman said...

What, no mention of Hot Rod? What's a guy to do when he needs his automotive thoughts personified?

b. said...

you're funny! i like the "do not's"

my top 2 favorite magazines are blueprint and country living... sadly, they stopped making blueprint though!

Nancy said...

To answer your question I am a dental hygienist/ I clean teeth, and the magazines on the coffee table totally remind me of the dentist office. Lol!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Cookie, Glamour are to name a few of subscrips I receive. I'm a WEE bit addicted to mags. Ah ha

The Activity Mom said...

Ahh i totally have some in the bathroom. Will remove them tonight. Thanks =)
I like Family Circle, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, Parents. I might need to branch out.

Dorey said...

Good advice. =) I love my real simple. I get happy every time I see it in my mailbox. You can read them over and over again and find something new each time. =) BTW: lovin' your new blog banner =)

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