Friday, July 10, 2009

Keep Minds Sharp with Summer Reading

Books I love. So obviously, one of my goals as a mom is to pass that love down to my three boys. There are exciting summer incentives to encourage all young readers! The two that our family has participated in the last couple of years is Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program and our local library's program. Let's start with the incredible book superstore: B & N allows your child to choose a brand new FREE book in their children's area after the child reads 8 books during the summer.

Here is a photo of the boys choosing their free books LAST year at Barnes and Noble.

And here are their completed journals ready to turn in!

Now, all these shots are from last summer because we are still in the middle of completing their reading logs this year. We are almost done though!

This however, is a current photo snapped at Borders. It makes me SMILE wide every time I see it! I hustled around the corner, trying to get everyone out of the store and this is what I found... My boys already LOVE to read and that is EXCITING NEWS.

Check your local library to see what programs are offered. The incentives include fun surprises for your kids, free movie passes, free ice cream certificates, and even free books! These SUMMER READING PROGRAMS are too valuable to pass up because your child is stretching his/her mind plus getting little goodies to take home. And who doesn't like FREE STUFF? (The library offers the same program for ADULTS. Oh yes, I keep a reading log too and cash in on some free treasures!)

Here are the boys completing the reading program at the library last summer. We had just arrived there after walking in over 100 degree July heat...which explains the flushed faces.

What do you do to encourage your kids to read? I would love to hear more ideas! What a great gift we can give our kids if we ignite the passion to read. They can curl up and escape to places that we can't drive to, they will feel the culture that otherwise they wouldn't know, they will live through history, their imaginations will be free to roam, and they will grow in character and build strong values as their mind is constantly sharpened by the words on every page.

EDIT on 8-5-09: We completed our program and I wanted to add a couple more photos of THIS YEAR at Barnes and Noble below:


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I loooooooooved reading as a kid. I hope my little dude loves it too someday. Right now he just likes banging on his books. Ah ha

Abby Killam said...

as a teacher this post makes me smile BIG!! Good job mommy!! We need more parents like you!

Nancy said...

I think a love of reading is so important too! You are such a good Mom! I remember my Mom wanted to teach me speed reading when I was in Middle School, and I said "No way! Books are like ice cream, I want to read them slowly so they will last longer" : ) Now I kinda wish I'd learned though cuz I never have time to read anymore : P

Dorey said...

Great ideas. I used to do the local library program when Dorin was younger but then I had Aidan and life has gotten crazy, I should take them both now. I've also been to one at Potter Barn Kids, which was really cute. =)