Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter Sunday story in pictures, celebrated with traditions and a new visit to Palisade Wine Country!

Just a handful of reasons I am crazy about holidays:

- They bring us all together.  I get excited over the unity that it brings to most everyone!  We are all using social networking mediums to show the same happenings at the same time...and that's pretty darn cool.

- Hanging out and taking moments to "just be" with family is NOT overrated.  Those are the best ways to spend our minutes. 

- We celebrate beauty with intention, and that obviously, is a beautiful thing.

-  Of all the five senses, the gift of taste is one of my favorites.  We get to enjoy every bite of delicious stuff. 

-  Traditions.  I thrive on them.  Traditions draw full circles, they bring us together, and trigger cherished memories.  

Easter is a blessed holiday, full of promise for fresh tomorrows.  It is a holiday with new beauty, life painted in pastels, and handfuls of cool sunshine.  It is a story of redemption and resurrection: hope perfected. 

Easter begins the day before...
When you call a house full of boys down to color eggs, they show up with holes in their jeans, mud on their faces, and no shirts on.

Our Easter always starts out early Sunday morning with TRADITION.  When I was a little girl, we left our empty baskets and colored eggs on the front door step with a carrot for the bunny.  Early in the morning, we would hear a really loud knock on the door.  Hearts thudding, we would race to the door and open it to find our Easter baskets on the step, full of treats, and wrapped up in colored cellophane.  The Easter Bunny does that with our boys too.

Bringing the baskets inside!

Hanging out after the basket buzz,
full of sugar at 7am.

Chris started his own special JELLY BEAN tradition with the boys a couple years ago.  He did this with his family growing up and he loved it.  This year, the night before Easter, he hid 500 jelly beans! The house looked so fun dotted with colored jelly beans everywhere!   In the morning, the boys had a contest to collect the most.  Chris said the winner wins...drumroll...a tummy ache.

Jelly beans set out the night before...

Then we gather together for an Easter brunch.  This year's menu was:
Ham and Cheese Eggs
Herb Potato Skillet
Roasted Cauliflower

We find the eggs that our quick bunny hid after breakfast.

The boys spend time on Easter morning playing with their new treasures from their baskets.  Titus received a new harmonica.  Titus and Chris spent time playing music together.  It was super sweet and of course I grabbed a photo.

Then it's a mad rush to get all handsome and lovely for Easter Sunday church service!
Oh, we did it!

This year, we changed up our normal tradition and we all went out for a destination Easter meal instead of feasting at home.  My mom and I love to tie our cooking aprons on for most big holiday dinners, but lately we've been loving hanging our aprons up! ;)

My brother, parents, and the five of us,
drove to Palisade Wine Country 
to a peaceful place out in the quiet country.

 Wine Country Inn is a traditionally beautiful bed and breakfast, 
in the heart of Colorado wine country. 
 The harpist added such a calming and soothing atmosphere to our Easter day!

I think Wine Country Inn is perfect for the Easter holiday, 
with its rows of white wicker chairs, 
green grass and fresh blossoms, 
and white picket fences. 
 Nothing says spring better.

The Inn had special springtime visitors for the little people.

We spent a lot of time outside,
front porch sittin'.

It was truly a beautiful spring day!

My parents always give the boys adorable holiday surprises!
My mom made baskets with carrot-themed and chocolate treats.
She included seeds and soil for them to pot their own flowers.

"Ok, we're hangry now"

Our meal at Wine Country Inn was delicious and fun!  
The buffet included an omelet and crepe bar, a carving station, and lots of desserts.

After our meal, the Inn provided a festive egg hunt for the kids.
Baskets ready? Go!

After our filling feast, we ended our Easter celebrating with a walk around Palisade country.

I hope your Easter Sunday was a beautiful memory.
Happy springtime friends!

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a beautiful celebration for a beautiful family! Loved all the pictures!

Be blessed, my friend!



Unknown said...

Saw your beautiful Easter pictures looks like every one had fun. What a beautiful place to spend the holiday.Always miss you all,thanks for the pixs.
Love Grandma and Grandpa

Unknown said...

It looks like you enjoyed some great family time. I can't believe how big the boys are getting...... and Chris is just a beast....Let him know I can still beat him at arm wrestling.God bless.

Jane said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate Easter! I love your family traditions of leaving the baskets for the Easter bunny...and the great jelly bean hunt. I'm passing this along to my sons. (However, with the dogs, the jelly bean idea might not be the best...those pooches will eat anything and everything!)

I've been trying to catch up with your posts...still cannot sit too long at a time. I will try to get a post done this weekend...
Hugs to you and your men,