Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Overnight Chilled Summer Oatmeal

We took a summer vacation to Arizona last month to visit my fun Grandma.  While there, she made us a breakfast dish that I've NEVER tried!  She got the recipe from my cousin, Dawn.  Dawn has always had a collection of recipe treasures, so I was excited to try this.   It was called cold oatmeal, or Chilled Summer Oatmeal.

I was instantly intrigued by the idea of trying an oatmeal dish suited for the hot summer, rather than the traditional, cozy, piping hot, oatmeal bowls that we enjoy on winter days.    

I shared a recipe for traditional hot oatmeal last fall: 

But, that is normal hot oatmeal.
Been there,
done that. ;)

This NEW Chilled Summer Oatmeal is 
fresh and exciting.
It is also prepared the night before, 
making it easy
BREEZY to serve up in the morning.

(courtesy of my cousin Dawn)

24 oz container of Greek Gods Vanilla Honey Greek yogurt 1 cup rolled oats - NOT quick oats - Quaker Old Fashioned is what I use 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup of honey 1 tablespoon cinnamon (more or less to taste)
Additional Optional Ingredients 2 tablespoons Chia seeds 3 tablespoons of wheat germ

Directions: Mix all ingredients together and portion in canning jars or any other airtight container. Refrigerate overnight before eating so that the oats will swell and soften.

*For those who are concerned about sugar, you can use plain Greek Yogurt instead of the Vanilla Honey flavor.

Just a few ingredients:

Mix them all in one bowl:

Stir it together:

Divide into mason jars or airtight containers and leave in the fridge overnight so the oats will swell and soften.

I top mine in the morning with different fresh berries.  
You can also top with nuts or granola, 

Classic berries and oats,
you can't go wrong.

Big stretches and
bright eyes, 
ready for breakfast the next morning!

This chilled summer oatmeal is absolutely YUM and OH so fresh.  
It has a custard-like texture, and tastes like dessert.

So many berries, I even dropped some in our orange juice.

When breakfast is prepped the night before,
 it allows a bit more time to enjoy the moments in the morning.

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Jane said...

Sounds like a perfect summer breakfast for a HOT Florida day. (This might be a year-round item on our menu!) I'll be preparing this with the "less sugar" option.

I've been working on really healthy and delicious recipes for my cooking classes. My goal is to get families back to the table with quick to prepare (and easy to clean up after!), nutricious recipes. If you have any favorites, please share.

Miss "seeing" you...but it's been so crazy here.
xo Jane

Jenny said...

How did I miss this?

I love this idea!

Trust you to share something so fabulous!