Thursday, June 6, 2013

Surprise VIDEO! Our wedding and reception 13 years ago with The Notebook

 My main squeeze and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary in May.  My absolute favorite thing in life is what I have with HIM.  His love has a hold on me.  All of my normal todays are better when we are together.  He is the man I respect above all others, and the one who makes me smile inside out.   I am crazy about this boy.

I'm extra excited to surprise him today with a video I had made (nope! I didn't make it myself) of our wedding and reception 13 years ago.  

Surprise!  Here is a recap of our celebration 13 years ago, mixed in with the movie that is THE story of our love story: The Notebook.

Dear Chris,

Watching these captured-in-time moments expand my heart with feeling.  I re-live my minutes and re-experience those young, but oh so real, emotions.

You always take care of me and protect me.
You make me feel safe.

You captured me.  You've had my whole heart all along.  I have this intense love for you that I could never give to anyone else.  The sound of your voice soothes my spirit.  Your intelligence and ambition constantly amaze me.  You make me laugh and smile, but most of all, you make me love deeper.

Thank you for cherishing me and providing me with so many blessings in this world. You grab my heart every day!

You're so tall and I'm so not tall.  We fit perfectly together.  I love us.

I can't wait for tomorrow.  I can't wait to tell you 2 million more times how much I love you.  I can't wait to be held in your giant arms again and again.

That's my sappy confessions of like and love.
Happy Anniversary Chris.

More about our story: A Decade Down
Checklist for marriage: The Possibly Offensive Marriage List
All about my main squeeze: Christopher

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foreverdecorating said...

Happy Anniversary. I hope my Lisa Moore has your love story someday. Terry

Juf said...

So sweet. Happy Anniversary!

Jenny said...

Happily ever after Anniversary!

You two are made for each other!


Sunshine said...

Oh, Lisa, I loved the video. So many good memories..., and you certainly did marry a prize of a man!!!
I love you both! Mom

b. said...

I know I already told u that I watched this, but I'm finally able to comment. I love how you put this together and added in the notebook scenes... So sweet just like you two!!! Happpppy anniversary to you both! Love what you two represent as a husband and wife! Very precious and rare to find!

caveman said...

I've watched our video over and over. Each time I laugh, I cry, and I smile. But, most of all, it makes me want to run home to you. I love you Lisa Moore. Thank you for always being the best half of us. Thank you for teaching me how to live and love life. Thank you for giving me beautiful babies. Thank you for being my girl.

We are both passionate people. Our relationship mirrors that, through the good times and the bad. And you know what? There isn't a single moment of "us" that I would trade for a moment without you. You complete me. Here's to 13 more years of us -Always & Forever, 1610

Unknown said...

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