Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is Lisa's Birthday.  She probably wasn't going to tell you. And since I don't have Facebook, I thought the perfect way to share would be to secretly hack into her blog and do do a post about it. The theme of todays post is, "A couple things you may not know about Lisa".  Without further ado:

She can run 10 miles without stopping.  In fact, she did this just last week. The boys thought it would be fun to run part of it with her. I came home from work to find three limping boys. No exaggerating. 

She makes beautiful babies. She may or may not appreciate me sharing this, but she refused medication throughout pregnancy, and labor, because she thought that is what would be the healthiest for our babies. I didn't realize it at the time, but this was to be a reoccurring theme throughout the rest of eternity (motherhood does last for eternity, doesn't it?). She ALWAYS puts the needs of her family before herself.  Twelve years after that first childbirth, I have never once witnessed her putting her own wishes in front of ours.  

She is artistic. If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you know this. Interestingly, she doesn't.  We recently had a date night at an art studio where we were asked to paint a picture together. Upon our arrival, the instructor asked Lisa if she was artistic. Without missing a beat, Lisa replied, "No". I was like, "Say what!?" See, even though you and I realize she is gifted and talented, self appreciation isn't something Lisa does.  She counts all of the beautiful things around her as blessings, never once considering that she is a blessing for so many others.

She gets bored easily.  You may have read about some very yummy food on this blog.  But, unless it explicitly says that the food is a tradition in our home, what you are seeing is something she whipped up on a whim, and in many cases invented from scratch.  She enjoys creating and is absolutely incredible at it. But, because she gets bored easily, she won't make that dish again.  Once it's been done, doing it again would lack the adventure that comes with the unknown. 

She inspires people. Wether it is in "real life" or via the www, Lisa touches many, many lives. I'm going to withhold sharing some of the amazing things she has done because that is the proper thing to do. But, believe me, she is an incredibly inspiring girl!

Lisa is the anti-woman. "I don't need another pair of shoes" is commonly heard at my house. I literally have to beg her to buy anything for herself.  Shoes, clothes, makeup, handbags, etc, etc, etc. If we are buying thing for Cameron, Kotah, Titus, or yours truly, she is 100% on board. But try to spend money on that girl and you are in for a fight. I recently talked her into buying a Vitamix. She returned it. Twice. I finally had to play the "it's for me, not for you" card to get her to keep it. 

I hope you smiles as you learned a little more about our birthday girl.  Please be sure to wish her a happy birthday! 

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Kristen said...

Beautiful post Chris! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! <3

Blondie's Journal said...

This is very, very sweet! I sensed many of these qualities about Lisa just from reading her blog. She is amazing and you and the boys are so lucky to have her in your lives.

Happy Birthday, Lisa!


angela hodges abode said...

Happy happy Birthday! That was such a nice little gesture! You guys are sweet!

Miss Kitty said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope that you let "your boys" spoil you today!

Jules said...

Happy birthday from Scotland! What a lovely husband you have, hope you got a big surprise and have a lovely day celebrating with your boys!

Gail S. said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Lisa!! Have a Great day with ALL your boys. What a wonderful post!

b. said...

I loooove this post! It's adorable, creative, and every word of it is sooo true!!! Lisa, I hope you have the happiest birthday today! You are loved by soooo many!!

jakiesmom said...

love your love...have a happy birthday

Debbie From Illinois said...

Happy Birthday!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lisa !

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lisa !

Jane said...

What a special post for a special woman. Chris, you rock!

Lisa, you are a very special lady. Don't EVER doubt this. We who read your blog have figured that out...a long time ago. You bring joy and love to your houseful of men, your extended family, your friends...and to your blog followers. I am so glad I "met" you. You inspire me, too!

Happy birthday...

Juf said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa!!
P.S. You have an awesome husband!

Nancy said...

Happy belated Birthday Lisa! You ARE amazing! (But I already knew that before Chris told us ;)

Jenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!

I've always thought you were a wonder!

And I know you're even more amazing than I thought you were!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday...


The Tuscan Home said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Enjoy your special day! :)

And...what a sweet and touching tribute to her, I know she will love it! :)

Moore Minutes said...

This was such a crazy big surprise!!
You make me feel so LOVED! I am extra blessed to have you by my side and I want you forever! Thank you for always cheering me on and for making me feel special. You make me smile...inside out. What we share is one of the BEST things in my life! Thank you for being the strong man that you are. <3
Always and forever,

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