Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Dinner Lessons for Kids about MONEY, and the gift of STOCKS

 *note: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I'm just sharing what we're loving at the moment. 

I've shared before about the true VALUE in family meals.  In our hurried and overstuffed schedules, we are unable to gather around the table EVERY night, but we treasure the handful of nights that we do!

Occasionally, I grab the chance to make a fun night centered around our family dinner with little surprises, learning lessons, exciting announcements, or a time of sharing together.  If you would like to see the details of our traditional FAMILY SHOW N SHARE NIGHT, click here to see photos and read all the good details!

I used this winter cozy family dinner night as a time to teach.  It was a kick off to a new educational series of money, investing, and personal finance for our kids!  Personal Finance is a skill that our boys will be practicing of their adult lives.  I've felt an intense responsibility, as their parent, to find a way to incorporate this teaching into our schedules.

As they ran down the stairs for dinner, they quickly noticed the mysterious kraft paper-wrapped-somethings in the center of the table, along with a stack of books.  In the middle of our cups of water, Correlle dishes,  S&P shakers, was a stack of FUN in the center of our table.

turkey meatloaf for a cozy winter meal
along with family time to learn 
personal finance

I am so excited to start this financial curriculum with my boys!  I have so much to learn as well and I can't wait to make positive changes in our life.  There are a few curriculums available to use in teaching children about personal finance and simple economics.  I chose Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. (again, this is not a sponsored post, I'm just sharing our pick!).  

In the box...
We have a lesson plan to follow, a commission chore chart system, and budget envelopes for each of the boys.  

I also bought Dave Ramsey's financial book series for kids.  We kicked off our money lessons with a story on saving.  These books teach all the basic and essential values of money in simple and entertaining style for kids.  

We did a brief overview over dinner, introducing the kids to this new program. 

We will also be incorporating Warren Buffet's program for kids, Secret Millionaires Club to learn investing AFTER we complete the personal finance program. 

After the kickoff was complete and our plates cleared, I revealed the mystery underneath the kraft paper wrapped packages.  We presented the boys with their own specially framed shares of stock.  

We actually bought these shares for the boys when they were toddlers.  However, I waited to give them  out until now.  I wanted them to have an introductory understanding of what investing was, what a share is, and what stock in a company means!  Chris has taught the boys some of this through the years and I'll never forget the year Cameron (6 years old at the time), asked for stock in Wal Mart for Christmas!  

After I finished showing the boys the Dave Ramsey finance curriculum, Chris talked to them again about shares, stocks, companies, and business.  I was part of the eager audience!  I have so much to learn.  I've always LOVED listening to Chris teach.  His voice is so soothing and he explains everything perfectly.  (Kinda love that guy a lot) ;) 

They were very excited to hang their shares in their rooms!  These shares don't have a big financial value, they are simply ONE share.  It's the concept that counts.  They make super unique gifts too!  You can visit to pick a stock of your choice, personalize it, and buy it.  

When I chose a company to buy a share of stock in for each child, I tried to find something exciting for kids and fun.  Again, I bought these stocks several years ago when the boys were just toddlers.  

I also personalized each share at the bottom, tying in the theme of the company with my words.  For Cameron, I chose stock in Disney because he was always so full of wonder. 

Dakotah's nickname is Kotah Bear, and he has always been our cuddly boy so a bear themed company worked!

 Titus was always happy so the cheerful LeapFrog company worked for him!

These framed shares of stock hang in each of their rooms, hopefully reminding them of how much they're loved, to always work for their dreams, and to be wise with their money. 

One of my personal goals is to focus more on using wisdom with each dollar God has blessed us with.  It's difficult to change habits, but I am full of hope and anticipation as I embark on new challenges.  I want to learn right along beside my kids, so that I can be the best steward of our money and foster a spirit of gratitude for the age of abundance we all live in.

To see other blog posts I've shared in the archives on MONEY, click HERE and enjoy! =) 

My favorite blog post on money was one of my very first blog posts called 5 at a Time.  This is a unique and easy concept to start saving CASH.  

Here are the rules:
 1) Use cash for all purchases
 2) Never keep a $5 bill
 3) Put all $5 bills in a jar

 (if you get handed a 5 dollar bill as your change, it goes in the 5 dollar jar.  5 dollar bills NEVER go back in your purse or wallet.  You'll be so SURPRISED at how quickly you'll accumulate cash by using this simple method.  

If you have any tips for us as we begin this new adventure as a family, pretty please let me know!

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Ronda Batchelor said...

I love Dave Ramsey. Great to give your kids such a boost in life!!
Good job!

Blessed Rain said...

Such a great idea! I love the stocks, the personal-ization of the plaques. You are investing in you children in a wonderful way!
I wish we had the money to get our kids stocks, however I can still teach them about money!
Thanks for the idea!

The Taffs said...

What a wonderful way to spend family time! And not to mention the family memories (and valuable lessons for your boys)! So many great ideas...thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

This is great! It's never too soon to teach kids about money.

Jane said...

Love that you are teaching your boys about finances. It's such an important all kids should learn.

Juf said...

Good for you! And Dave Ramsey has a lot of great, Biblical wisdom to share.

Sunshine said...

Chris is a fabulous teacher! Dad and I want to come too. :)

the cape on the corner said...

i always love this idea, and have thought about doing this for the boyfriend (though his stocks cost a lot per share) and for my niece. i love how you made this super personlaized and very special.

Unknown said...

That is so exciting for your boys! I know my kids would be. It is a very wise thing for you to do. I think most people get out of high school and have no idea how to manage their finances. Even close family that are Christians have a hard time. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Hope to see you at True Aim.

TidyMom said...

Lisa this is fantastic!

I love that you framed the stocks!
Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up have a great weekend!

annies home said...

lessons learned when they are young stay with them when they are older love that you are teaching them lessons of life I did mine as well
come see what I shared at

b. said...

I love the $5 bill idea!

Kiki Nakita said...

What great parents you are. Your boys are blessed.

Kiki Nakita said...

What great parents you are. Your boys are blessed.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

What a neat idea - buying one share. I'm going to do this for my grand girls. I love the framing too. - Dori -

markson said...

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Julie Bolton said...

Thank you for sharing the article. Rasing a child is the hardest thing in the world. Every parents want the best for children :)
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