Monday, October 10, 2011

Tips for an Allergy Free home with madii & dyl


Our littlest man in the house....
the one wrapped up in a hug from his big brother (as always!)...

Yes, this silly one here who takes nothing seriously...

...suffers from crazy, evil allergies.  Poor little guy.  :(  You can always see it in his eyes.  It breaks this Mama's heart. 

He must get the allergy problems from me, because I had allergies quite a bit growing up.  I'm not a fan of medicine.  I'm one of "those" who decided to have all my babies naturally with zero meds or needles, I try to pass on the asprin, and I stay away from prescriptions.  Because of that,  I've been on a mission to help find some  NATURAL allergy relief solutions for my family. 

I was SO excited to partner with madii & dyl, a company that focuses on providing eco-friendly, natural products to the modern day family.


The timing was ideal, as I was knee deep in my research of trying to make our home free from allergies when I heard from madii & dyl.  I received a special pillow for Titus that is made from 100% organic latex, containing no chemicals.  These pillows are dust and bacteria resistant.  

He was so excited to get his cute pillow.

But so tired of all the pictures....

 This pillow truly was a blessing for us!  Titus has improved greatly and is sleeping much better at night.  I'm a new big fan and am getting pillows for all the boys now!
 It makes me feel amazing to know that my family is resting their adorable little heads on pure, cleanness each night during their 
sweet dream nighttime moments. {wink} 

Madii & dly provides exceptional quality in every detail.    They have been recognized on People Magazine, Practical Parenting magazine, among many other sources.  A few words from the company:

"Madii Dylan products are designed to meet the luxe needs of today's conscious parents and their tots. This collection is Australia's first natural and sustainable range of children's pillows. The innovative design caters for the child by providing proper neck support and spine alignment, while the micro-ventilating cores provide maximum air flow preventing moisture and heat build-up. Made from 100% pure latex, they are naturally resistant to dust mites, mildew, bacteria and are ideal for allergy sufferers."

I hope madii & dly can help solve some of your concerns as well! 

Other tips for keeping an allergy free home:

-  Dust and clean your home well before bedtime.  It takes dust about three hours to settle so if you dust right before bed, it will bother your allergy sufferers.  

- Keep your home sparkly and as free from dust and mildew as possible. Vacuum as often as possible. Time to put your Superwoman on! ;) 

- Don't use ceiling fans.  

- During seasonal changes, don't keep windows open.  

- Use a Hepa air filter.  We invested in these and it has helped tremendously.  Remember to change the filter as needed. 

- Wash bedding regularly in hot water

- Hardwood floors are better than carpet. (I wish I had a home full of hardwood floors!)  

- Keep the humidity low in your home

- Give lots of loves, kisses, and snuggles to the allergy sufferer.  <3

I'm still working on keeping the medicine away.  So, please share any and all other natural tips you may have, pretty please and thanks lots! 

The government makes me say that this is a sponsored post that I have been compensated for.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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11 comments: said...

Very timely as I'm planning to have my little guy tested for allergies at his next well child visit with the pediatrician!

b. said...

cute pics of the kiddies. i liked the post!

Jane said...

Blinds, not curtains, in the bedroom! (Our middle son and I are allergic, too.)

I love Eucasol, by Swiss Just. It's main ingredient is eucalyptus essential oil. All you do is spray it on a cotton pad and breathe it it...or spray it on the bed pillow...or, as I have been known to do, spray it over (Marty's) head when he snores. It really helps!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wonderful tips. I never thought about cleaning that far ahead of bedtime and the ceiling fans was another great thought.
Thanks again for the great suggestions, blessings!

yettie said...

Love these tips. I just got an air filter for my girls. It'll be great to incorporate your other tips for them as well

MCA said...

My son has environmental and food allergies. Until recently, his nights were very restless and loud (from the snoring and congestion). I switched over to washing his bedding more often and in hot water. I also bought an allergy-free mattress pad. I already had a pillow case. He has greatly improved. He is supposed to start on allergy shots soon, but I wonder if he really needs them now, as I like to take the more natural approach too.
I've never heard of this company but will definitely check them out.
Michelle @

annies home said...

yes I am with you on this we deal with it daily I am a new follower of yours come see me at

Angela said...
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J's mom said...

Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at



Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about these pillows. My little guy has both food and seasonal allergies and it is good to learn of other things I can do to help him feel better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about these pillows. My little guy has both food and seasonal allergies and it is good to learn of other things I can do to help him feel better.