Friday, August 26, 2011

PB & J cupcakes, Back to School ideas, & eco friendly sack lunches

 PB & J cupcake recipe at bottom of post!

Back to school time (as a lot of you know) is one of my favorite times! I'm all about the organization, order, and fresh n clean little people!   Recently I contributed a couple of blog posts on Rook No. 17's blog.

Jenn is truly the SWEETEST heart.  She is quick to give encouragement and she posts many incredible ideas.  I was excited to share on her blog for her annual BACK TO SCHOOL series!

So if you haven't already seen them,
click on over to read up on after school power snacks:

and sweetly sharpened pencil cookies!

In my last post, I promised to share more about the adorable etsy store:

Her products are extra fun, and simply adorable!  
I gave my boys these re usable lunch bags at the end of summer.  
Each design is unique and every stitch handmade.  
The inside liner can easily be wiped clean.

Something else valuable to me is having little things that look PRETTY.  If it doesn't look amazing or it's not useful, I don't need it. ;)  
Finding small treasures like these bags make me feel happy because it just makes life THAT much more pretty. 

These bags give our beautiful earth a big hug because we are saving on waste each time we use them.  They are ideal to pack your child's sandwich in when you send them off to their school day.

Visit Nate's Mommy Made It etsy store to see her entire selection.
I picked the blue whale for Cameron,
the mod elephant for Kotah,
and the playful dino for Titus.  

Sigg water bottles are also a staple in our home.  We've been using these for years.  They keep liquids cool, fresh, and clean.  Does anyone else use and love their Sigg bottles?

Couple the bottles with the eco friendly bags, and you've gone all crazy green with your sack lunches! 

When little footsteps arrive home from school with heavy backpacks falling to their toes, and an armful of books up to their chins, you can greet them with a household classic:

An all time classic 
transformed into a trendy treat:
PB & J cupcakes 

A small tip:  You can make jelly-filled cupcakes by filling a pastry bag with jam and piercing the tip into the bottom of the cupcake. Squeeze gently to fill the inside of the cupcake.  

A smear of jam and a spread of peanut butter frosting...

Salty peanuts, sweet jam...

They are fun choices to bring to school events and parties too...

I found this recipe on the website of the always incredible Martha Stewart.

School days are a 
"peanut butter & Jelly kind of life"
 comfortable routine, 
classic experiences, 
and simple goodness.  

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Teresa said...

It's that time of the year again already?
Here school starts a little after but it's funny to watch Mum's Blogs buzzng with ideas and work to ensure their loved ones focus in their new activities but still getting the homesweethome scent.

Love your cupcakes (tried to do cupcakes for DD birthday and what a mess; I'll have to try someday when no one's watching ;)).

I also love Nate's Mommy Made It bags. Lovely. Almost makes one wish to be back to school and pack the sandwick there.

Happy Back to School to your boys... and your household.

Kelly Sellers said...

Those cupcakes look yum-o! So fun to come home to sweet treats like those!

I wanted to thank you again for hosting the Build a Dream Playhouse just arrived via FedEx on my front doorstep! So exciting! :)

Happy back to school!!

p.s. LOVE the tent you made creative! :)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Reading your post brought on a sort of happiness...back to school and back to getting my home back to order. I don't have young ones now that would appreciate the bags for lunches or the Sigg bottles -- love them though. I need to greet my kids with some of PBJ cupcakes. Joni

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh my...these cupcakes even look really yummy for this old gal...thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I've always wanted to do PB&J cupcakes but our schools here don't allow anything with peanuts :(

They look delish though!

My son loves his Pottery Barn Kids lunch bag and containers. Looks like your sons have them, too :)


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Those PB & J cupcakes look scrumptious! I know I'd love to come home to some of those. :-)

Anonymous said...

cute post. those sandwich bags are such a cute idea!!

Madison said...

Those PB&J cupcakes look like the best treat EVER. I'm a peanut butter lover (peanut butter and jelly is my favorite sweet treat, believe it or not). I'll have to try this sometime. :) Thanks for the great idea!

Snap said...

Love the sandwich bags and thanks (I think) for the PB&J cupcakes!

The Tablescaper said...

Looks like the perfect treat to greet them on their first day back...but I don't want them to go back to school. I enjoy having them around too much!

- The Tablescaper

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, Lisa! You've got so much creativity and I'm admiring them all. Can you share your creative posts at my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there :)

Holly Lefevre said...

Every one of your posts sounds dreamy and magical. Those bags are so darn cute...I tried to do away with plastic bags...and just bought some reusable bags and more containers. Yeah!

I make PB&J muffins all the time - a classic combo that is always a winner!

Erin @ In Between Laundry said...

My four year old would LOVE these! Great twist on a classic favorite. I'm facebooking about it. Come visit me, too!

Maria said...

I just love these ideas!!! Those cupcakes look AMAZING! Nothing better than PB&J, AND on a cupcake.. great!

Anonymous said...

These sound so yummy!! I love peanut butter in desserts. I am definitely going to make these soon.

Rachel @ Simple Girl said...

I'm so glad you found us and were able to link your Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes! I really enjoyed these and thought they were a perfect take on the classic back to school sandwich. Loved all your other ideas, too. Hope you will come back and bake with us on October 15! ;-)


Lorraine said...

Love the pictures of your PB & J cupcakes. They look so tasty! It was the perfect pick for this time of year!

rebecca @ beurrista said...

I particularly love the last picture! A spoonful of each, so balanced.