Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hearts all over the world and a couple of fun websites!

People are amazing. When we strip away the layers of petty issues, when we pull back the shadows that crowd who were really are, we see true humanity. We've all seen the beauty of humans in the middle of a tragedy and disaster. Watching people unite to help each other is like watching a symphony masterpiece that receives a standing ovation. Those moments are held sacred in history. Those are the moments we see the gift of goodness in humans.

I watched my own little personal blessing unfold recently. I had no big tragedy or disaster. Rather, I had a fun little party contest on the great big www. It was such a small dot on an "i" but it was a fun event in my little world...and I needed some votes. I immediately saw friends quickly help me. It was actually amazing...a positive bi product of social networking. I was extra excited and happy to receive your support. You made my heart smile over and over again. I won the contest. Well, I guess each of you won the contest for me. So I owe you a big and happy Thank You. But more than that I won a gift: the gift of goodness. You each took a moment in your busy lives to cheer me on, to help me. You came into my little world and encouraged me with your support and positive energy.

I tucked myself into the corner of our couch and sat opposite of Chris. I told him what I'm sharing here. I told him how amazing humans are and what a beautiful thing humanity is. I told him that people truly are good. It was a lesson that made me pause life for a second and reflect on the treasures that friendships and people bring into our lives. So yes, it was just a little vote. But it was also a big moment for me to experience GOODNESS. Thank you.

In other news,
I recently found a childhood neighbor friend of mine on this crazy big, but small, world wide web. It still fascinates me how we are all pulled back together via our computer screens! Monica has a website and makes the most ADORABLE "Cute & Warm" headwraps! (Just another reason I need a little girl...ahhh) Her talent is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. As someone who can't even sew on a button, I have DEEP admiration for women who have talent like Monica's! Her wrap styles are fresh, playful, new, and sassy.

Visit Monica's site to see what she has available:
Cute & Warm HeadWraps

Monica inspires me with her drive and energy because she also has another website that features giveaways.

Monica says,

"Companies and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to get their name out there. Shoppers are always looking for a good deal.
Welcome to Weekly Giveaway - where companies feature a product or service, we review it and you get to enter for a chance to get it for free."

Click the button below to visit WEEKLY GIVEAWAY. Each week she is giving away something different! And someone has to win...and it may just be YOU. {wink}

Weekly Giveaway


Nancy said...

I'm glad you won! =)

Becca said...

Sorry, I didn't know about the contest, but I'm glad you won! I know you deserved it. You amaze me with your endless supply of energy and creativity.

caveman said...

We all knew you deserved to win that contest. Great job Babe. Now what is all this about you wanting a little girl??

Victoria said...

Congrats on winning the contest! Glad to hear you were encouraged by our connected online world:)

Miller Racing Family said...

What a sweet post. Isn't it amazing how we become friends with the people in blogland. Not knowing them in real life but knowing and caring for them through blogland.
Thanks for the reminder how sweet blogging can be.

Kelly Miller said...

So glad you won!