Thursday, October 21, 2010

LEGO: Build a Birthday

This is PART ONE of a two part post. Please see PART TWO for more details.

Our oldest son turned 10 this October. I am pretty confident that LEGO sets are the BEST toys ever for boys, with Hot Wheels taking a close second. A LEGO theme was what Skyler asked for this year for his party. I shared the invites in a previous blog post. Last year, we did a Secret Agent Spy Party theme. I have ALL boys, so it requires a lot of creativity to keep thinking of unique party ideas (ohhh the girl party themes run through my head but I need to focus on little boys!). ;)

Here's the Down Low on the Details...

I wanted to create a big, exciting statement to set the scene as the guests arrived. Chris and I made this Giant Lego out of a cardboard box one evening. Chris called it "our arts and crafts date night"...because really...that's the type of dates we have at this life stage.

The gift topper of this present was a BIG LEGO crayon!

Dakotah set up a collection of LEGO racers to display at the party.
And Skyler anxiously sits in his new bean bag ready to open gifts.

One of the most exciting details for me were these ADORABLE customized LEGO shirts I ordered from etsy. Jodi, at I SPOT YOU was super kind and excellent to work with! She sells custom shirts for any occasion. My order came quickly, everything was perfect! I was able to custom pick the shirt colors, the round circle colors, and the colors of the names on the shirts. Their names are spelled with LEGO bricks! And the LEGO men are adorable.

Two of my Squeezable Loves
in their new shirts.
To kick off the party, we had a contest.
Who could build the tallest LEGO tower
in 90 seconds?

Get set...

And the HAPPY winner...Dakotah.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the table I wanted some of the bright, classic LEGO colors subdued in order to bring some maturity and current trends to the party decor. Since this party was for a 10 year old and not a 4 year old, I thought the neutral tones were an appropriate accent to the bold colors.

I maintained the natural tone and neutral palate
by using a craft paper table cloth,
recycled plate trays,
and the wooden flatware.
Most of my partyware was purchased from GARNISH.
They have truly endless possibilities with their products.
I was so excited to shop there for this party.

The wooden flatware was my absolute
FAVORITE thing about the party!

I used Green LEGO pads for placemats,
and each boy took home his place mat as a party favor.

For place cards,
each boy had their name in real LEGO font on a disc
with a LEGO sticker,
tied with baker's twine.

For the cups,
I added a single puffy LEGO brick sticker to the front
and dropped in swirly blue straws.

I painted with LEGO pieces on the craft paper,
thanks to the genius idea from MamaLibrarian blog.

Chris and I surprised Skyler
with a special LEGO-ware set to use for his snacks.

The table had engaging snacks for the boys...
LEGO candy that really was able to connect!

And Cheese and Crackers ready for the boys to assemble into LEGO bricks.
We used kool-aid LEGO ice cubes popped into 7-up for a fizzy treat.

LEGO pieces filled pails and were hung from above with twine
as the table centerpiece.
The boys helped me choose little LEGO men to stand on each pail.

I order {nearly} every cake from a local cake shop,
the Cake Cottage. I adore their work!
This cake was stacked LEGO bricks of course in colors of Skyler's choice.

~ ~ ~ ~ The highlight of the party ~ ~ ~ ~
This party was sweet and intimate with only 2 of Skyler's friends because we were taking all the boys to the local LEGO store in our town! Each boy was able to create and build their own little LEGO set there and take it home with them as a party treat.

But....BEFORE we left we did a mini "school" lesson. I taught them some LEGO facts and quizzed them before they were able to enter the LEGO store. Each boy had to tell me a LEGO fact before he could build his set.

Waiting to be quizzed so they could run inside...

I grabbed these LEGO facts directly
from the official LEGO website's company profile.
The inside of the store was little boy
{and big boy} LEGO heaven.

Huge LEGO sets were on display throughout the store.
The store owner showed the boys a giant project he was currently working on
that has over 8,000 LEGO pieces.

Dig in and build.

Kotah deciding what to create.

It was a very Happy 10th Birthday for Skyler,
building LEGO sets and building memories.

We also had a festive snack buffet that will be featured in a new post.
Please see PART TWO for full details

or click photo below.

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Michelle said...

Looks like you outdid yourself again. My 10 year old loves Legos and would love a party like this. Great work!

Leanne said...

You are amazing! Your creativity is never ending. What a fun party! It looks like the boys had the best time and learned some things too. I'm not sure if I should show this to my boys, they'll want to mave in with you.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lisa, I'm at a loss for words. This is just SO creative, and when you said you had white and yellow chocolates made from a Lego mold... WOW! You just did a super job. From the glass containers on the lines about the table to the placecards to the learning of Lego facts to the happy children... great job!

I love that Lego means "play well."


Sheila :-)

Victoria said...

My favorite Lego party of the year:) I love that you thought to make a Lego chandelier for above the table and lego ice cubes- great party!

Carrie said...

I wish I was 10 again... and coming over to your parties ;) SO much fun... they are going to remember this forever! kudos :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What an awesome theme! I do believe there is no end to your creativity!

Decor To Adore said...

Well done MOM! Oh this looks SO good! Such fun! Thank you for sharing.

Sunshine said...

I like how you place something eyecatching at the front door so all the little guests can't wait to come in! What a delightfully put together party. However, I was there and the best part of all was that it was so much FUN!!!

Kelley said...

That is amazing! What a great, great party!!

caveman said...

Wow Lisa. I'm not even sure where to start. The muted tones really brought out the LEGO theme without making all the bright colors seem overwhelming. The games were perfect for 10 year old boys. The facts were as much fun for the adults as the kids. And building things at the LEGO store was a perfect finale. I can not express enough how fun this party was. Family, close friends and toys that Dads love too. Perfect!

The truth is, this was my favorite Mooreminutes party before it even started. Building the sign with Skyler, and even more so our craft date, were some of this years highlights for me. In fact, you can throw parties every weekend if it means I get a date with you before hand!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Another awesome party! You are so creative!! Your boys are going to have such great memeories when they grow up of all the love and care that went into their special day.

The Tuscan Home said...

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...You ROCK!! Really, there is no other way to say it! Your creativity and ideas are AMAZING!! The special memories you are creating for your boys and their friends is priceless. Your boys are so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!


P.S. Thanks for your sweet comments on my recent blog post! *smile*

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

WOW - what a fantastic party. You really thought of everything!

Kaden Epstein said...

Great party... I did a Lego Party for my 6 year old last year... wish I could have racked your brain first ....GOOD job MOM!!!! said...

I stopped by last week and saw that you had posted this party, but didn't get a chance to comment - you did a GREAT job, Lisa!

I think the neutral tones of the table covering, baskets, wooden flatware and twine were a nice complement to the bright Lego colors (nice choice)! I really adored the Lego base placemats and the Lego flatware set!

The best part about this {and really everything that you do - not only party planning} isn't the Amy Atlas-style buffets, the little details, or the creative's that you pour your heart and soul into making the lives of your sweet sons and special husband fun, memorable, and joyful!!! The rest hardly matters at all!

Those of us that follow your blog do so because of the artful way you approach each moment of yours and your family's life...always with style, always with creativity, and always abundantly with love.

Great job, girl!! :)


Crafty Like Lindy said...

This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I am in the process of planning a LEGO party for my soon to be six year old and you have given me a ton of new ideas! Did you purchase a mold to make the ice cubes?

Holly Lefevre said...

This would be a very happy birthday for me too! No detail was missed...I LOVE it! From the giant lego greeting everyone at the door to the Lego cheese and crackers, you were spot on! I think it is fabulous that you quizzed the boys before they could build a set!

My son has my old Lego's! (and a bajillion other sets)

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Every detail looks great -- I especially love the lego mats as place mats. Fun!

April D said...

Where to start? Your ideas were ALL wonderful. I know MY little guy would have been THRILLED! The place mats were a stroke of genius; I LOVE the hanging buckets--such a fun idea!
Aren't the Lego candies great? My kids(girls included)love those.
Thanks for sharing!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Do they do parties for us Grandmas??? What fun...that was a party for memories...every detail was wonderful!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

What incredibly cute ideas AND cute kids!!!

Envymycooking said...

If you would ever like new recipes or would like to be featured than please come on over to our blog and please check us out! We also have a give away going on right now and a apron going up tomorrow!! yah. thanks for letting me stop by your blog.

Barbara said...

SO clever! You did such a wonderful job. I know my son would have loved this party when he was 10. Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

Entertaining Women said...

Yet another wonderfully creative party idea. You covered all the bases from A to Lego to Z. Thank you for sharing this wonderful birthday party with us. Cherry Kay

Kelly Miller said...

The place mats and hanging buckets have my hanging open. Cute cute cute!

Ashlee Marie said...

LOVE it! I'm featuring your party and treat table on Topsy Turvy Tuesdays starting tomorrow night. Thanks again for linking up! You sure know how to have fun parties!

testing 1 said...

Fabulous party mama! You kicked boo-tay on this one! You know my love of awesome boy birthdays, it's all about princesses and fairies, ack! I can't wait to share with my readers!

Faded Plains said...

What an amazing party...your making memories your boys will never forget.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Cute party! I love the cake and all your Lego table & food ideas! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

Super fun! I love the cheese and cracker Legos :) Cakes are my favorite part and they never disappoint do they. What did they create? I missed the final creations :)

Jessica Loukota Leimback said...

Super fun! I love the cheese and cracker Legos :) Cakes are my favorite part and they never disappoint do they. What did they create? I missed the final creations :)

Angel said...

We had a Lego party last month, and I had a lot of the same ideas :) Lovely job!

Anonymous said...

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vicky1970 said...

great ideas -- I'm your newest follower! I'm guessing without looking at your profile that your last name is Moore - so is mine. I blog about motherhood and teaching. I'm in the process of planning my son's lego party now. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!
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Unknown said...

Where did you find the Lego placemats?

irwan.s.m said...

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